The Road to Blogopolis: 17 Sundays

With the Nuffnang Blogopolis Conference coming up this weekend, I’m sharing with you my secret to why I’ll be looking fabulous this weekend. I’m talking about 17Sundays, my Blogopolis Fashion Sponsor! I’ve been in talks with Claire of 17Sundays and I can proudly say I will be attending the pre-blog party, the conference and the after party in the coolest Australian threads by Melbourne brand 17Sundays. Haven’t heard of them? I only found out about them through Natalie of XL as Life. I am so, so thankful. They’re like that little secret fashion shop you don’t want to tell your friends about….but I am so excited to be sharing my weekend and my style with you in some cool, new threads!

Here’s some of my favourite looks from the collection available online. I love the street-cred style that looms over the collection. Everything just looks easy to wear, comfortable and just oozes instant cool. It’s exactly what I need to be wearing when I brave the cool weather and meet some awesome bloggers! The two parties I’ll be attending sound like total fun events and I can’t wait to drink and celebrate with some of my new friends (AKA Suger, Rhi, Hello-Owl and Danimezza just to name a few) and let my hair down for the first time in a few months.


Loving the layering of this collection. Everything layers well, drapes well, flatters the body and looks grand! The denim range is to die for; I can’t wait to see what is in store for my weekend of friends, fun and fashion…oh, and learning some stuff!

Make sure you join my FaceBook page and have me on Twitter with my tag @CaitBradley¬†to follow my updates throughout the weekend! I’ll be updating with photographs, updates on twitter about the parties and conference and all of my adventures. It’s going to be a fun, fun weekend and even if you’re not going to be at the conference, you can keep in touch via social media!

Make sure you check out 17Sundays at their website, follow them on Twitter and on Facebook, and while you’re online, sign up for their newsletter.

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  • Wendy

    Hi Caitlin

    You look amazing in everything thanks for sharing! I have only just found your blog so glad I did I love it. I’m only new to blogging and would love for you to come over and join my sisterhood and say hello. I hope you have a great time and can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

    Always Wendy

  • Melissa@Suger Coat It

    Ooooo! I love the clothes you’ve selected from the range for your post. Like virtually ALL of them.

    However the splotchy pants that look so awesome on you are too young for this old dear, I’m afraid. Haha.

    Can’t wait to see if we got some decent pics for you. SO many venues with low lighting.

  • Sarah

    Love this! I checked out the 17Sundays clothes from Natalies blog as well and am still swooning over the utility zip dress. How is their sizing?

    • Caitlin

      Hey Sarah,
      Make sure you check the size chart. I usually take a 20 Jean size, but I fit into their 24, but would be perfect in a 22. The denim skirts are comfortable. I was given a 24, but a 20/22 would have been perfect as they were too big. In terms of dresses, I haven’t worn any, but I would just stress use the size chart! If you have any concerns on sizing, use the contact form on the 17 Sundays website and the team will give you a hand! <3

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