Petals – Lauren Horwood Photography



While I’ve been a huge fan of pinup and retro photography I’ve not had the chance to actually have a pinup shoot. I have always wanted to shoot with Lauren Horwood, so when the chance to shoot came about, I jumped at it. We set the date and I am so happy with the results. I can’t wait to book in for another shoot with here again soon. This post features some of my favourite shots.

For this shoot, we met at the Camellia Gardens in Caringbah, NSW – a place that I have always had a soft spot for. My parents had their wedding photographs taken there over 25 years ago so I was excited to shoot in the beautiful space. I knew that this dress would be perfect and it is one of my favourites to wear from City Chic. My beautiful hair piece was a custom design from my friend Danielle who’s brand Daisy Jean is one of my go-to for hair flowers.

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The secret is out.


There’s no denying that I have been a slack writer, and I have been terrible at sharing my life for the past few months/year.
But there is something I need to share with you, and it’s about denim.

A few months ago Australian retailer Autograph contacted me about reviewing their new range of denim. At the time, I was extremely excited as I was due for some new jeans but I’ve always struggled to find a good pair to fit. I jumped at the chance and when the deadline to post came, I decided to not just give you a “post” but I decided to give them a real, true review.

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New frames with Vision Direct




A few weeks ago I took the plunge to sign up for a Masters course. It was scary and I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time to work and study at the same time.
But signing up to the Masters of Education Course also put my head into perspective: I needed to ensure I was ready for study again and the first thing I did was get by eyes tested.
During my first university course I wore glasses when I was completing my assessments and while I should have been wearing them for all reading and study, I was lazy. Signing up to the Masters of Education Course meant I would be reading and reading ALOT – most of my content is online and I knew I needed to get my eyes in check and keep them healthy for reading.

It must have been a stroke of luck because the team at Vision Direct contacted me around the same time. It meant I could get some beautiful frames for my reading glasses that would have me feeling fabulous and fun while studying.

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Big cat.

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Here it is. My first post for the year that includes my body and all of it.
I’ve been run off my feet this past 12 months and my blog has suffered. It was never an intentional hiatus but this year I am making a conscious effort to get back into sharing my style and what makes me ‘tick’ again. Today I wore this beautiful ensemble (sans heels) for a day of running errands and some light thrifting. Jacob and I are heading up the coast this Friday for 2 weeks and in my suitcase I am taking some outfits I want to share on the blog. We’ll find some nice backdrops to share those with you guys because I am going to try my hardest to share my favourite looks.

I also feel like I should mention here that my body is changing and I am happy with how I am at this point in time.
My weight is fluctuating but I am getting back into a healthy routine and I am inspired by my beautiful friends (such as Nicola of the former blog Too Many Cupcakes) and my plans to be married next year so the extra 5-10kg (who’s counting?) I put on after my big loss will be gone before I know it. Not that my health and my size should matter to you. And if it does…buzz off!

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January Wishlist

I’ve been quiet on the writing front because my life is going through a huge shift and my business is shooting off at a thousand km per second! I promise to be back on my feet and writing again my sweet friends!
When I’m not working and I’m not stressing, I have been putting together a list of gorgeous things I want to add to my life. I love adding sparkle to my life, be it in a brooch or a hair flower or two! It’s an affordable little flourish of fun to an everyday outfit. Here are a few of my wishlists:

Luxulite brooches
Luxulite is an American brand that focuses on recreating glorious 40s and 50s inspired designs. They are handmade and beautifully crafted! I haven’t had the pleasure of adding these to my collection but boy, would I love one (or….5?) They are simply gorgeous! On the wishlist for sure. Shop the collection at their Etsy store here.


Blue & Hot Pink $28.50
Silver & Pink $28.50


When I went to my Year 10 formal, my “cool” grandmother Elaine bought me a steel boned underbust corset from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney’s Enmore. It was black satin with floral brocade and cost her a pretty penny, but it was the statement for the Evanescence inspired look I was giving off. Ever since then, I have loved corsets and think they are ever-so gorgeous. I’ve now added 2 more to my collection from Orchard Corset, a USA based company with beautiful corsets and even better prices. Steel boned, highly constructed and lovely designs, I am HOOKED (no pun intended). My next purchase will be a waspie, a short waist option as I have found my lovely belly (sarcasam intended) digs in with the longer line. The pain of having such a small, squishy waistline! Check out Orchard Corset’s website here.

Mesh waspie in black – $75.00
Leather waspie in black – $75.00
Cotton waspie in black – $65.00

daizyMy lovely friend and pinup Miss Osiria Rose has launched her own hair flower business, Daisy Jean Floral Designs. I remember speaking with her about what she wanted to do and now it is here, and they are gorgeous! She uses high quality flowers and her settings are unique, big and bold. I have two in my collection now and I cannot wait to share them with you all! They are simply gorgeous. I love the deluze red double because I have a red double from another store and its falling apart from wear. I actually own the Pink Princess and while it isnt my normal colour scheme, I adore the softness and feminine feel! Check out her store here!

Deluxe Double Roses in Red - $18.00
Pink Princess – $18.00