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There’s no denying that I have been a slack writer, and I have been terrible at sharing my life for the past few months/year.
But there is something I need to share with you, and it’s about denim.

A few months ago Australian retailer Autograph contacted me about reviewing their new range of denim. At the time, I was extremely excited as I was due for some new jeans but I’ve always struggled to find a good pair to fit. I jumped at the chance and when the deadline to post came, I decided to not just give you a “post” but I decided to give them a real, true review.







Autograph offered to send me two pairs of jeans, and at first I thought it was a blessing but I was very much confused from the moment I undressed at the store I visited. My honest experience was that I wasn’t sure what style or size I wanted, so I opted to go in store and try a few styles on. I tried cropped, bootcut, boyfriend and slim. I tried dark, light, classic washes. As a gal who always cuffs her jeans and wears them tight, I thought I’d try a boyfriend jean but all I felt was odd!

In the end I went with two styles: a classic black slim cut jean and a cropped denim capri.

IMG_9824The Secret Denim range features strong fittings, stretchy denim and a cut that at first I didn’t like (honestly, I am giving you my 100% opinion here).
I hated the way the jeans sat on my body – they felt tight, too low at the back and baggy at the ankle. I opted for a size 18 even though I could probably get away with a 16.

I loved the feeling of the denim on my body, so I wore them a few times for short periods. I found that after an hour they had become a tad more comfortable and started to mold to my shape. After two wears they were still firm, but fitted my waist better. After two weeks (and two washes) they fit me like a glove.

I have been wearing the Black Slim Leg Secret jeans at least 1-2 times a week for the past 3 months and they have not faded, feel brand new and are my new favourite jean.


There are a few things I like and a few things I don’t like about the Black Secret Slim Leg Jeans from Autograph:

Things I like:

- One button closure and limited “details” -
The simple style means I don’t have to compete with glitter or studs or rips. I love the simple stitched pockets and the best part about the one button closure means they don’t dig into my waist and fit me comfortably for all day wear.

- Two length options -
While I am a semi-tall lass (5’7′) I don’t need a long length of jean as I cuff all of my denim. The short and regular lengths mean multiple women can wear these jeans.

- Colour Options -
While I have these jeans in black, they do come in an range of washes and each one gives a different look and feel.

- They have not faded -
I give my jeans a lot of action. I am constantly moving and doing things so I expect them to last. I have not seen any fading in them, and I have not used any colour saving products or washes.

Things I don’t like:

- Stretch -
I love that these jeans stretch but I also hate it. I find that they fit really well for an hour, but after you wear them for awhile, sit down, walk, dance, stretch and bend, they start to get baggy, especially in the hip, butt and waist. The jeans have belt loops which mean I can wear a belt if required, however I end up giving them a tug up when required.

- Chub-rub pilling- 
I have thighs and they touch. Therefore, I have noticed pilling between the tights on these type of denim. No fading has happened, however it is something I feel that I should mention. I have not noticed any thinning of the fabric in this area.

- Baggy ankles -

I have quite narrow ankles and broad calves and I can honestly say I have never had a pair of ‘slim/skinny’ jeans actually sit close to my skin. These were particularly baggy and I wasn’t a fan of how they sat, but given that I enjoy revealing my ankles to the world, this is a minor issue.

- Ratio from hip to waist -

I am a naturally high waisted person and therefore I like my jeans to come up high but not cut me in half. I find that these jeans don’t come all the way up for me and can be uncomfortable if I sit down without tugging them up higher. Ladies who have a normal waist height (between the bust and hip) you should be fine.


The question that all people will want to know is this: do you recommend them?
Do you think I would be wearing jeans for 12+ hours a day, up to 3 times a week for a period of 3 months if I hated them?

I honestly believe the Secret jeans from Autograph will be perfect for many types of gal as they come in 3 different styles (slim, straight and bootcut) and I will continue to wear mine.

Check back soon for my review of the cropped denim from Autograph’s summer collection!

Check out all of Autograph’s denim here

Jeans – The Secret Jean in Slim/Black – Size 18
Knit – Animal Print Jumper - Size S
Necklace – vintage
Brooch – Pretzel Brooch from Heidi & Gretel
Flats – Paul Dane Shoes

I was provided two pairs of jeans and two knits to provide my opinion of the products. I wasn’t paid for my opinion or time and I was not pressured to write anything about the products. All opinions are of my own and are honest. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments!

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