Easy Winter Knits: Autograph

I love simple, layering and easy warmth that comes with adding knits to your wardrobe.
With the cooler weather on our door steps here in Australia, I am looking forward to pulling out my cardigans and layering over my existing wardrobe. Loosing weight also means I am on the hunt for jumpers that actually fit me now and so I am scouring the web to find cute, fun pieces. I plan to share my finds with you!
This is the first of a few posts featuring easy to wear looks for winter, from Australian plus size retailers. The first is Autograph, which feature in many shopping malls around Australia and also have a great online website.

From left to right: 3/4 Fluffy Sequin Cardigan $69.99, Sherling Front Knited Cardigan $79.99 & Long Super Soft Cardigan $59.99

I love that they have a great range of knits┬áthat I am loving. I’m a huge fan of warm textures, and some of the mohair and angora sweaters are super soft and warm on your skin! This season I am also impressed with their great selection of wide fitting boots that cater to a bigger calf size.

So here are two looks that I simply love and would totally wear myself. I am loving the look on the left because I am obsessed with animal print right now. The sweater on the right is super luxe and there are so many ways to wear it!
Before you say “But they don’t sell vintage” hold your tongue: I can always work a knit and a pair of jeans with a pop of vintage. Think about adding red lips, scarves and your accessories will change the entire look!



Left Look:
Fluffy Animal Print Jumper – $59.99
Skinny Full Length Jean – $79.99
Knitted Mesh Knit Scarf – $29.99
Short Suedette Wedge Boot – $89.99
Red Glam Ring – $19.99

Right Look:
Embellished Angora Sweater – $79.99
Indigo Jean – $69.99
Long Mohair Waist Coat – $69.99
Short Zip Heel Boot – $89.99
Drop Earrings – $14.99

How do you keep warm in winter? Share your tips in the comments!
Check out Autograph for lots of great winter essentials, including their knits and jeans this winter!


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  • Jayde

    I haven’t worn jeans in years! I say that like I’m in my mid forties, when really I’m only 25. I think I might have a look at Autograph jeans, do you have any suggestions for different styles to try?.
    Have you worn their boots before? I’m pretty rough with my shoes and they tend to wear out sooner rather than later! I like to know if I buy shoes, they’re going to last me at least one season!

    • Caitlin

      Hi Jayde!
      If you are heavy on your feet, spend more.
      This is the best advice I can give!
      I have a pair of Fry boots, which are handmade in the USA. Leather, heavy duty….AMAZING quality. They will never die…I am sure of it. Well worth getting and investing in high quality boots in leather to last you a life time!
      I got the Engineer boots because they look great over jeans and leggings and are a classic style.

      Speaking of jeans….alot of ladies are scared of denim! My advice is to start easy. Try a dark wash and don’t go straight in with funky fades or embellishments. Keep it simple, dark and clean! Try layering with a top you feel comfy in!
      I hope this helps Jayde!

      xx Cait

    • Caitlin

      I have a few knits from Autograph from 2012 that are still in amazing condition…they are now too big for me, and I’ve actually given them to a friend.
      I went into their store the other day and was surprised by them. I was expecting much cheaper, but I did try on a few of the ones mentioned here.
      Have you actually tried them? I am not a fan of “shiny” but didn’t have this issue….so don’t really think they look cheap :)

      xx Caitlin

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