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If you follow me on Instagram (@closconfessions) or even on Twitter (@closconfessions) you’ll know I’ve gone dark. Landing back in Sydney, I was ready for a change. I’m not afraid of change, and for my friends who read this blog, they’ll tell you how often I used to colour and change my hair.

I’ve been pink, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, black, white brown, blonde…I’ve had stripes and spots and hair extensions. I’ve had shaved sides, a mowhawk, a mullet, short all over, long and short. I like to change my appearance through my hair but for the past few years I’ve been blonde and semi-natural with my hair colour choices.

I made the decision early last year (2012) to try and grow my hair out. I had my hair ombre coloured and had the salon staff keep my original hair colour on top (to their surprise). It looked fabulous and I simply love the look, but as my hair grew and the bleached ends got dry and brittle (no matter what I would do, treatment after treatment), I decided to keep colour to a minimum.

My hair is the longest I have had since I was around 8 years old and I love it, but after years of bleach and stress, I needed to change and give it a boost. Taking to the supermarket with a $20.00 I read through every packet and every brand. Jacob waited patiently as I sat on the floor of Woolworths, looking through each box, reading the ingredients. I wanted a product that was semi-permanent and would last more than a week. And let me tell you, it was a hard slog to find one.

Two packets later and it is far darker than I had anticipated, but with such porus hair and virgin blonde regrowth it was bound to happen. The colour is promised to last 8 weeks and on the almost 2 week turn around it has faded slightly already. I plan to write about the brand (the colour that I paid for with my own money) once I hit that 8 week peak and I’ll let you know my opinion. So far, I am impressed at the quality and how it has left my hair feeling and I am feeling good about it.

Being dark for the first time since my mid-teens is something new, and I’m feeling different. I’ve re-evaluated how I put on my makeup (my eyes seem to pop and I love it) and my style is pulling back to my love of goth and grunge. For the past two weeks all I seem to wear is black with a pop of colour and I am loving that too.

I can’t wait to share this new “style” reinvention on the blog with you all soon. Coming back from our amazing 4 weeks in the United States has left me feeling depleted and uninspired because I’m back to reality…but I am looking forward to sharing the gorgeous pieces I found on my thrifting adventures in the States!

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