Memoirs of Lombard Street



The sun was hot, glowing and the sky was a picture-perfect blue as Jacob and I looked up….and up….and up at the steep incline we were about to walk up. We had thought about taking the trolly cart, but it didn’t seem to make sense to pay $5.00 and wait 2 hours when we could easily walk up and take a look at Lombard St ourselves. Taking a deep swig of water, we assesed the Google Map and decided to take the plunge. We’d just stepped off the boat from Alcatraz and we weren’t going to loose a second of daylight in our limited stop in San Fransisco.

Each step burnt into your thighs as you pushed up the steep hills of San Fransisco. The backpack full of cameras and water bottles didn’t ease the pain, and the back of your neck burns as the sun decides to come out, finally. You reach the first of many intersections, only to look up as the hills incline increases. You groan, but look across at the old man climbing next to you, complete with walking stick. You know you can do it.

You reach the halfway point and look back over your shoulder. Alcatraz in the distance, the sky a brilliant blue. You stop to catch your breath and admire the view. Then its back…back into that dreaded incline. Up, up, up.

Reaching the top, you gasp for air and chug down half the bottle of water. There are people everywhere, the streets are full of cars and you are on the peak of a hill. Houses along the streetline appear to be perched on the edge, narrow and tall. You catch your breath and follow the crowds.

The worlds most not straight, not curved, most “zig zag street in the world”. Lombard St. The sun beats down on the beautiful flowers. It looks like heaven and the colours are so bright and vivid you seem to forget you aren’t living out of a postcard, but you are actually there, looking at this amazing road. Cars and bikes take their turn at driving down the steep decline. Many in hire cars, many with fear across their faces. There are people everywhere. You cling onto your bag and your camera. You look up at the street and then look across at your man and you smile at each other. Exhausted, but it is most certainly worth every bit of energy.



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