Outfit of the Day: ZZTop Concert


On Wednesday night I headed into the Enmore Theatre with my dad to see ZZTop. I wasn’t planning to be going out, I actually thought he was taking mum in with him! But I had a horrible day; an electrician came to fix the electricity in our house, but in the process made me pull EVERYTHING from my wardrobe when he didn’t believe there was no powerpoint in there, made me move my bookcase in a  rush, which in turn made all my books fall out, including my expensive art books, broke my bookcase and then, to make it all worse, broke my Jenny Kee coffee table plate. I was so upset. It was a quick throw together, but I was happy with the end look, because it was comfortable and easy to wear in the mosh pit.


Tunic: Love Drobe via Style369.com, Skirt: Autograph, Necklace: Katies, Shoes: Target, Headband: Diva, Lipstick: MAC in Diva

Loving this tunic. It looks textural, but it’s just t-shirt material with a texture printed on it! It has zippers on the shoulders, but I would never wear it with just with tights, because its really snug like a body con dress. And short. I put it on, and mum’s reaction was how I felt; not a chance!
I got a few items from style369.com, hope I can show some of them soon!


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    Thanks for the comment! It was an awesome concert and this was a super comfortable outfit to wear! The tunic is really roomy at the top, so I didn’t feet constricted at all when it got hot in the concert!

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