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    I love vintage, thrifting, the arts and trying new things. I've been discovering my love of retro over the past 12 months but always throw in a curve-ball now and then.

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Soft and Bold.

I’m back at university for a summer class; and while that may sound like torture to some people, its actually what I love most about university. I love coming back, when classes are smaller, and you can fast track your degree with a simple class. I’m taking a World Religions course, and it is something […]

Not your normal office dresser

I appologise for not blogging. I’m currently on a two week intern for my teaching degree, which has me at the school from 8:30 – 3:20 and I’m exhausted at the end of each day. I wanted to show you what I wore yesterday to keep me inspired to last the day. I have been […]

Outfit of the Day – Dream Diva, We Love Colors & My Size

Today I went all out to dazzle the Paddington crowds. It worked. I got alot of compliments today and it really boosted my self-esteem on such a miserable day. I bought this Dream Diva Lace dress when I visited Melbourne in March for Melbourne Fashion Weekend. I haven’t worn it before, and it’s been sitting […]