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My love affair with Pinup Couture continues with the welcoming of the Netti dress. She’s bright, bold and fun and her print is super sweet – little cats chasing balls of string! Accented by a wavy red border, Netti is a new colour for me and something I am getting used to.

Blood red blooms.

When this skirt first hit my feed from Hellbunny, I wasn’t a fan. I simply pushed it aside and went straight for something else. It wasn’t until a few months later that I saw it in the flesh and I slapped myself mentally for not grabbing it sooner. The print was so divine! The colours [...]

Black Tropical.

  I’ve never been a huge Hawaiian print kinda gal, but this HellBunny dress, The Kiki, was too cute not to add to my collection. The print is backed with a solid black, something you rarely do see in tropical prints.  I think that’s what draws me in. Keep your kitchy fluro prints for sarongs [...]


If you are a new reader of Closet Confessions, you will be familiar with my love of classic, 1950s style. It is a new look I am taking on and something that makes me feel “complete”, in a sense that I feel at home so much more than I ever have with a fashion trend [...]


Hey guess what? I am a size 16-18. I’m wearing mixed prints. I’m showing my pale, flabby stomach. Why? Because I don’t like being told my body is ugly, disgusting or offensive. My body is MINE and I think it’s beautiful/awesome and FABULOUS.