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    I love vintage, thrifting, the arts and trying new things. I've been discovering my love of retro over the past 12 months but always throw in a curve-ball now and then.

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Head up, smile.

Without a description, this blog post would be shots that feature me, walking around in a large crowd, with a smile that could be seen as nervous, scared, or even proud. And sure, that is exactly what they are. But to me, these images hold an experience that ‘flicked the switch’ in my mind. The [...]


My love affair with Pinup Couture continues with the welcoming of the Netti dress. She’s bright, bold and fun and her print is super sweet – little cats chasing balls of string! Accented by a wavy red border, Netti is a new colour for me and something I am getting used to.

Blood red blooms.

When this skirt first hit my feed from Hellbunny, I wasn’t a fan. I simply pushed it aside and went straight for something else. It wasn’t until a few months later that I saw it in the flesh and I slapped myself mentally for not grabbing it sooner. The print was so divine! The colours [...]

Black Tropical.

  I’ve never been a huge Hawaiian print kinda gal, but this HellBunny dress, The Kiki, was too cute not to add to my collection. The print is backed with a solid black, something you rarely do see in tropical prints.  I think that’s what draws me in. Keep your kitchy fluro prints for sarongs [...]


If you are a new reader of Closet Confessions, you will be familiar with my love of classic, 1950s style. It is a new look I am taking on and something that makes me feel “complete”, in a sense that I feel at home so much more than I ever have with a fashion trend [...]