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Polka Dot Love.

When I knew it was polka dot week coming up on Aussie Curves, I took these pictures….but I never got around to getting them off my camera, let alone onto the blog! I still wanted to share these with you, because I love this dress from Forever21+. Its pieces like this that make it hard […]


A few weeks ago I took Ge-Ve from Work It, Own It, Use It on a date to celebrate the Day of the Dead. I pulled on my most colourful makeup and outfit and we sipped tequila cocktails and people watched in Double Bay. I keep forgetting to post the picks, so finally they’re up. […]

Keeping It Casual.

Behind my love of sequins, I really love dressing in comfort. I love loose tee’s and jeans. I love Vans and Converse. There is something about this combo that keeps me in my element. I love wearing a pair of tough, strong skinny leg jeans, because they hold you close and they are no fuss. […]

Aussie Curves: Strapless

I’ve missed out on a few weeks worth of Aussie Curves, but with a two week internship I was busy and exhausted every day, I just couldn’t find the time. But I knew I wanted to share this look on Closet Confessions. I’ve been sitting on this dress since I got back from New York […]

Burnt Summer.

Most of my close friends know I’m not a fan of summer. It suprises them, seeing as I travel to some of the worlds most exotic places for SCUBA diving, but I really don’t like heat. I hate humidity. I hate sweat. I hate getting sunburnt. I hate salt on my skin. I like cold […]