The Lady Brunch.


When I laid eyes on this dress through the Modcloth website, I knew it had to be mine! The print was so fun and quirky and what I love more than that was the pockets and comfortable design.

It has quickly become a comfort dress in my collection and I love wearing it around: I even wore it on New Years Eve to a BBQ and it received lots of compliments!
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Hey guess what? I am a size 16-18. I’m wearing mixed prints. I’m showing my pale, flabby stomach.

Why? Because I don’t like being told my body is ugly, disgusting or offensive. My body is MINE and I think it’s beautiful/awesome and FABULOUS.

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Get Happy.


When I wear red I feel a sense of happiness that swells up my confidence and puts a big, fat smile on my lips.

I love wearing it, and it wasn’t really until last year that I realised my love of red and now I wear it all the time.

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A fresh start.

I feel like I need to write you a little speech and plan it accordingly. I’m taking a cue from Modern Family’s Cameron and Mitchell and I’d like for you to imagine I am wearing calming, earthy tones. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and take a look at her new look!

CC-header-new small

Shiny new header! Pretty new colours!
Retro vibe! FUN NEW THINGS!

There were so many things going on behind the scenes that the blog took longer than anticipated to get up and back online but the only reason for that was because I changed my mind (the original concept was RED and LOTS OF IT) and then when the beautiful Emma would do something, I would umm and ahhh and then change my mind again.

What can I say? I am a perfectionist.

Emma was a beautiful soul to work with and I hope she actually hasn’t lost any hair because I swear she hates me and I probably made her drink too much wine in the process of making this blog. She has been kind and accepting and she lets me vent about everything (from being hungry, upset, the weather…) and then makes my little sketches into actual things. It was amazing.

I will continue to sing Emma’s praises as I continue to get used to my new look. The logo was inspired by Las Vegas, neon signs, Palm Springs and my new (and unhealthy) addiction to 1950s pin up. I spent hours looking at neon signs and old hotels from the 1950s, the prints the fabrics were on the furniture from sleazy hotels and then I slapped them all into a design. Well…it was a sketch but then I played around with Emma’s amazing work until I found something that WORKED for me (and now I love it).

The colour scheme is something new and fresh and a touch girly for me but it works and I love it. At first it was all about pale blue, then purple, then I was like: Closet Confessions has always been about green and purple (remember my original design by Natalie? I love that!). But not she is grown up, she is shiny and new and I love her.

Some new things about the blog will include video. I know I have been saying that for ages but this time I totally mean it. It won’t be awesome at first, but I want to try something new and reach out to new things! I’ll try my hand at reviews and I hope you can put up with my accent and my weird faces!

I hope that you find the new look as awesome as I do, and I would love to know what you think! Is it easy to find the things you want? Can you easily reply to posts or find pictures of my outfits?
Please don’t be shy! I need to know!

Thank you for being patient and waiting for the blog to relaunch!
I hope you love it and continue to follow my fashion journey!

<3 Caitlin xx

Fresh blooms.


Welcome to the new look of Closet Confessions!
Isn’t she a beauty? So fresh and clean! But more about her later (aka later this week!)

What better way to start the new face of Closet Confessions with a blog in my current favourite dress?
This is Evelyn. She is graceful and swirly and she makes me feel like a princess. Her colours are beautiful and are printed with glorious blooms!


The Evelyn by PinUp Couture is a beautiful design, flattering for bigger busts and ever-so versatile. The design flatters the waist, shows off just enough skin and the way the fabric fits gives just enough weight in the skirt for perfect spinning!

The bust in this design is very roomy, and perfect for larger busts. I find it a bit big for me, and while it would be beneficial to size down I sadly cannot fit into the XL from Pinup Couture!

IMG_8027 (1)

The Evelyn comes in a variety of beautiful prints, and the one I am wearing here is the Baby Blue with Pink Roses. Retailing at $120, the dress also comes with a matching bolero which I haven’t worn in the photographs. Pulling it on gives another “twist”, changing the style from casual day dress to evening delight!

I have my eye on the Cream with Peach and Green Floral Print which would be a beautiful print for any time of the year!

The full skirt of the Evelyn is lovely on its own during the day, but like I have worn it here, looks simply breathtaking with the aid of a petticoat. I teamed it with a plain white Hell Bunny petticoat for soft volume. I love Hell Bunny petticoats for this reason as they do not scratch and make the most of full skirts like this one.


The one concern I do have for this design is the side zipper. While Pin Up Couture use strong, sturdy zippers (and not those silly invisible ones!) The zipper lays under the arm and down the side of the torso and likes to bump out, as you can see in these photographs! I find that it is okay when you tug it down every now-and-then, but it’s just a habit I need to get used too!


Dress – The Evelyn by PinUp Couture – Baby Blue with Pink Rose Print – size 2XL
Petticoat – Hellbunny – XL-2XL
Hair flowers – Kmart and The Reject Shop
Red espadrille wedges – Big W