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Here it is. My first post for the year that includes my body and all of it.
I’ve been run off my feet this past 12 months and my blog has suffered. It was never an intentional hiatus but this year I am making a conscious effort to get back into sharing my style and what makes me ‘tick’ again. Today I wore this beautiful ensemble (sans heels) for a day of running errands and some light thrifting. Jacob and I are heading up the coast this Friday for 2 weeks and in my suitcase I am taking some outfits I want to share on the blog. We’ll find some nice backdrops to share those with you guys because I am going to try my hardest to share my favourite looks.

I also feel like I should mention here that my body is changing and I am happy with how I am at this point in time.
My weight is fluctuating but I am getting back into a healthy routine and I am inspired by my beautiful friends (such as Nicola of the former blog Too Many Cupcakes) and my plans to be married next year so the extra 5-10kg (who’s counting?) I put on after my big loss will be gone before I know it. Not that my health and my size should matter to you. And if it does…buzz off!

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January Wishlist

I’ve been quiet on the writing front because my life is going through a huge shift and my business is shooting off at a thousand km per second! I promise to be back on my feet and writing again my sweet friends!
When I’m not working and I’m not stressing, I have been putting together a list of gorgeous things I want to add to my life. I love adding sparkle to my life, be it in a brooch or a hair flower or two! It’s an affordable little flourish of fun to an everyday outfit. Here are a few of my wishlists:

Luxulite brooches
Luxulite is an American brand that focuses on recreating glorious 40s and 50s inspired designs. They are handmade and beautifully crafted! I haven’t had the pleasure of adding these to my collection but boy, would I love one (or….5?) They are simply gorgeous! On the wishlist for sure. Shop the collection at their Etsy store here.


Blue & Hot Pink $28.50
Silver & Pink $28.50


When I went to my Year 10 formal, my “cool” grandmother Elaine bought me a steel boned underbust corset from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney’s Enmore. It was black satin with floral brocade and cost her a pretty penny, but it was the statement for the Evanescence inspired look I was giving off. Ever since then, I have loved corsets and think they are ever-so gorgeous. I’ve now added 2 more to my collection from Orchard Corset, a USA based company with beautiful corsets and even better prices. Steel boned, highly constructed and lovely designs, I am HOOKED (no pun intended). My next purchase will be a waspie, a short waist option as I have found my lovely belly (sarcasam intended) digs in with the longer line. The pain of having such a small, squishy waistline! Check out Orchard Corset’s website here.

Mesh waspie in black – $75.00
Leather waspie in black – $75.00
Cotton waspie in black – $65.00

daizyMy lovely friend and pinup Miss Osiria Rose has launched her own hair flower business, Daisy Jean Floral Designs. I remember speaking with her about what she wanted to do and now it is here, and they are gorgeous! She uses high quality flowers and her settings are unique, big and bold. I have two in my collection now and I cannot wait to share them with you all! They are simply gorgeous. I love the deluze red double because I have a red double from another store and its falling apart from wear. I actually own the Pink Princess and while it isnt my normal colour scheme, I adore the softness and feminine feel! Check out her store here!

Deluxe Double Roses in Red - $18.00
Pink Princess – $18.00

My latest scent.

Lately, I have become obsessed with perfume.
I am not normally someone who needs to change my scent: I usually grab a bottle of something cute and girly and under $40 at my local chemist to have in my bag for at work. Throughout the years I’ve always been a fan of the celebrity fragrances but it wasn’t until Jacob started wanting to buy me something luxurious that I bothered to venture into the department store and take a whiff. Ever since then, I have enjoyed adding new fragrances to my collection. I have a soft spot for Marc Jacobs (it is by far my favourite brand for shoes and bags, even though I only own 3 pairs myself…I am very lucky!) and I love Lola, for its sexy, almost musky scent. When it comes to perfume I am a big fan of deeper, darker tones and stick away from the frilly-ness of florals when I can.

I was recently contacted by the team at Perfume Clearance Centre, an Australian based perfume website that have a huge range and even better prices to match. I was excited to try their services and I was not disappointed. I was on the hunt for a new perfume and there had been one that I’d wanted to try for some time, so I knew this was the perfect opportunity.


Shipping from Perfume Clearance Centre was capped at $10.00 or free when you spent over $150.00

I am not one to shy away from buying online, but I did have one concern about my order. At first I was hesitant about buying perfume online. My main concern was the transportation of my product: what if the bottle broke? You can never be sure, even with fragile stickers and all the bubble wrap in the world. When my order arrived it was clear there was no chance of breakage. My parcel was filled with space filling beans, and the box was free from damage. Perfume Clearance Centre use Australia Post and I was emailed with tracking information and updates so that I knew where my parcel was every step of the way. I was very impressed.

As soon as I opened my order, my invoice was on top and a thankyou card. I had to dig through a layer or two of package beans to find the perfume, which was equally gorgeous in it’s packaging.
What was even better was how quickly my order took. Within 3 hours of ordering I had a notification explaining my order was ready for dispatch and within 2 days my order arrived at my door!


Choosing your new scent is easy: search for brands, designers or try using the fragrance family search function!

Choosing my perfume was easy: I had wanted an Agent Provocateur perfume for months. I remember smelling one when I visited The Leopard Lounge and I loved the strength and boldness it gave. What I liked more than anything was that it lasted on my skin, and it made me feel ever-so glam! I knew it was the scent for me, and better yet, Perfume Clearance Centre had my scent of choice for under 50% off what I would have paid at David Jones, which was the only location I could find online to buy.

I found using the website very easy to locate my chosen brand. There are a variety of search tools for finding the right scent for you! You can choose to only search for different designers, scent types and prices. I had fun looking through the different options and liked how easy the website was to navigate.

Perfume can be a great Christmas stocking filler, or you can spoil someone special with a beautiful designer fragrance
Here are my picks:


Every Christmas I like to buy Jacob something to wear for ‘date night’ and my favourite smell for him is Calvin Klein ‘Man’. It has a Earthy tone with fruity punches that just work so well with him, and Perfume Clearance Centre have the 100ml for only $50.00, making shopping this year very easy!
On my wishlist for Christmas this year is Viktor and Rolf’s BonBon. Not only is the bottle divine, the scent is warm and fruity and I love the caramel base!
A great stocking filler this year is a perfume like Katy Perry’s Killer Queen at at only $29.95 it’s perfect for that teenage girl who’s impossible to buy for!
My final pick for Christmas is the Lola 3 piece gift set, a gorgeous gift for someone special for under $100!

Don’t forget to check out Perfume Clearance Centre for your Christmas shopping this year!

What is you favourite perfume?

This is a sponsored post
All opinions are of my own.
I paid the use the services and recieve goods from Perfume Clearance Centre and have been reimbursed for my time.
I do not write about products of services unless I really, actually like them and would recommend them!
Email at if you have any questions






Since the beginning of the year I have been working at plus size store City Chic, an Australian store that caters to sizes 14-22. At first I didn’t want to let everyone know this because there can be lines of opinions that are crossed when one writes and also works, and so I have not written about the clothing I wear at work every day. But when this dress came into work I knew I had to share it. Every inch of it is perfectly me: the fit, the colour, the print and the details are dreamy and I have been loving it so much so that I wanted to share it with you all.

I am wearing the Miss Sweet Dress in a size XS and find the fit to be firm and smooth with the stretch back panel.
It fits my waist and flares over my tummy and the pockets are the perfect place to stash your goodies on a busy day. I know it is going to be a firm favourite of mine and I adore it!



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Once you do away with the idea of people as fixed, static entities,
then you see that people can change, and there is hope.

- Bell Hooks


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