Cherry Dollface Hair & Makeup Session – Newcastle, Australia

CDSession - Thursday Caitlin 3

I saw the advert and I knew I wanted to attend.
There was no doubt that I was going to miss 3 hours of teasing, red lipstick and hair spray with the Youtube and pinup sensation Cherry Dollface. Armed with my camera and hoping my memory would hold all of the information (I also had a notebook!), I sat in on the first session that kicked off Catfight Collections’s Charlestown Square Cherry Dollface sessions. My class was on a Thursday night, with only around 19 ladies. We were all excited to attend, learn and we all had lots of questions!

Cherry Dollface was simply a wonderful teacher. Not only is she funny and entertaining, she also simplified & broke up complicated steps for everyone. She made victory rolls (start) to make sense for me, and some of her tips and tricks for eye makeup were new for me. If you ever have the chance, step in to one of her classes and you will see why I attended. It was a great boost to my inspiration levels.

Throughout the sessions, Cherry used some gorgeous products that I later purchased from the Bomber Betty cosmetic brand. I cannot recommend this brand for an amazing eyeliner, and I will be sharing my experience with it on the blog very soon. It is seriously the BEST eyeliner I’ve used and have been using non-stop since buying!

Here are a few tips that I have been using since the session, maybe they will work for you too!

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The weather here in Sydney, Australia has begun to cool down and it’s time to start layering. For me, this is a new way of styling.
For many years I’ve opted for oversized and shapeless garments that held no flattering qualities whatsoever. This year I am learning, taking little steps to showcase my body in ways that are vintage, retro and yet still practical.

I can simplify this down to adding soft, fine knits to my outfit and adding layers under tops to keep the chill at bay! I am living in this simply, yet ever so versatile bolero from plus-size retailer City Chic. It’s long sleeves and cropped style mean it works well over my full dresses, but it can easily be worn with a top or peplum over jeans or skirts.

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10 minutes with Cherry Dollface


A number of weeks ago, I was nervous as hell as Jacob and I parked the car. I was about to step into a session with Cherry Dollface and learn new tips and tricks.
But the girls at Catfight Collections had given me the best news ever: that I got to hang with the lady herself while she ate dinner and ask her a miriad of questions.
It was a dream come true, but what does one ask a Youtube and pinup sensation with 10 minutes? I thought long and hard about what I wanted to ask and she was a true doll, answering them all with her gorgeous attitude!

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On the Prowl.


A few weeks ago, I took a weekend off and Jacob and I had a long weekend up in Newcastle.
It was my first time to the area, so I really enjoyed playing tourist for awhile, shopping up a storm (more on that in another blog post!) and hanging out at pinup events.

The weekend was the perfect excuse to wear some beautiful dresses and take a few shots to share with you. This dress is one I have been in love with since the beginning of my journey into retro. Her name is Heidi and she’s a Pinup Couture design. The Heidi is one of the most popular dresses I have ever seen & for good reason: the cut is gorgeous, the fabric selections are amazing and who can deny such a flattering cut on any body shape? My first Heidi was naturally going to be leopard print. I have a small obsession with this print. Well, anything leopard actually. It was love at first sight and I bought it straight away.
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Head up, smile.

Without a description, this blog post would be shots that feature me, walking around in a large crowd, with a smile that could be seen as nervous, scared, or even proud.
And sure, that is exactly what they are. But to me, these images hold an experience that ‘flicked the switch’ in my mind. The switch that told me I was on the right track and that the track was taking me to where I wanted to be, right now. They told me that my body was beautiful, that I was a modern pinup, that I was confident and radiant.

My hiatus from Closet Confessions has been for a number of reasons that have me feeling like I am out of breath. But those can wait for another time. This post is a story of how a little dream became a reality in the town of Kurri Kurri, in New South Wales.

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