Once you do away with the idea of people as fixed, static entities,
then you see that people can change, and there is hope.

- Bell Hooks


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How to Wiggle Your Way Into A Wiggle Skirt

18-19 72 dpi



A few months ago I needed a creative outlet.
I have been writing here at Closet Confessions for years and over that time my interests and what I love has certainly changed. I have honestly enjoyed writing and sharing my life here, and that isn’t going to change.
But with life taking control, my time has been whisked away and I limited in the opportunity to write, to share my content as I did when I was at university. But I still had this need to write and share. SO I took a leap, and I contacted the Adore Pinup magazine team.

They had launched their first mag and I wanted to be involved: Australia, featuring gorgeous girls from all over the world but most important to me was the strong message about body positivity from all walks of life. I immediately sent across an email and within a few days I was chatting. I decided to take the leap and I wrote my first ever article. Sure, I had written here before but that was different. This went to paper and I was nervous. But what I can say with 3 articles under my suspender belt is that I love the message each of the Adore Pinup Magazine issues has given and it is such an amazing opportunity for my writing to be included!

I wanted to share with you the first article that I wrote for the magazine. It was a brave move for me to share tips when I have only just started wearing these styles myself. When I write, I want to include all body shapes and sizes and so I hope this article reflects that. Please let me know what you think and I hope you will check out the next issue of Adore Pinup, out soon!

The launch of Closet Confessions Boutique

I’ve been quiet and it’s only because I have been working on big things. Things that have been keeping me up at night and scaring me to death.
Recently I have gone through a number of changes in my life that have greatly inspired me to take a leap of faith. With a push from my partner Jacob and my parents, I jumped.
I took the opportunity to launch my own space, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you here.
I have opened my own online plus size fashion boutique and I am so excited share this news with my readers.


Many people have asked me why I wanted to start my own online store. It was a scary thing to do, both financially but also emotionally. I posted the following on my web boutique and I think it really encapsulates why.

“I was sick and tired of being pushed to the back of the store when I went shopping. I wanted fashion that inspired me, but I was met with poor service and a lack of passion from the stores I would visit. Closet Confessions had always been a place of inspiration for me and my blog has seen me find new and exciting designers, so starting my own boutique was a natural progression. Here you will find a store that has a passion for sizes 14+. A store with a focus on customer service, beautiful products and supporting Independent and Australian brands where possible. Closet Confessions will grow and I cannot wait to share my fashion journey with you!”

I recently had an experiance in a retail store that I will never repeat, but one that really got my fire running hot.
The store owner told me “Fat customers are the worst. They complain about everything.”
As a curvy woman, it made me so mad! Her lack of consideration for someone with needs in her store made my decision to launch my own site so much easier.
She didn’t appreciate that a woman wanted a dress that flattered her. That she wanted a choice, and to not be pushed to the back of the store.
I decided that day that Closet Confessions would be a store that focused on celebrating curves, making online shopping easy with extensive measurements and attention to detail.

I am starting small but I am so excited about sharing this new adventure with my readers. I hope that you will take a look at my store, and for my readers I am offering a special discount as a “thankyou”.
Enter code ” thanks ” and receive 10% off your order!

You can find my online store at

The journey of ‘the dress’

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

My wedding dress has been burnt into my brain since the day Jacob proposed.
It will be elegant and beautiful and classic. It will take old and new inspirations. I will be a princes and crisp in white and floating down the aisle. But all of these beautiful dreams come at a price, and something that I simply couldn’t afford. I took a dress fitting at a beautiful store here in Sydney that catered to both standard and plus size women and was shocked when I was quoted over $6,000 for a simple lace and mesh dress. While I felt beautiful in such a creation, it pushed any dreams of a fancy reception out of the window. $6,000 was almost half of our wedding budget and I was the only one that would have enjoyed such a privilege of wearing the item.

I’m a perfectionist and basically, a nutcase, so my dress needs to be perfect. I want it to reflect me as a person and my personality.I want it to be beautiful and classic but I also want to have fun with my dress. So when Kate from Melbourne based Bombshell Vintage contacted me, it was a breath of fresh air. Kate’s love of vintage has extended to her beautiful collection of bespoke reproduction and vintage inspired fashion and her honesty and willingness to work with me to create my own design was liberating. It was with her email that I knew I wouldn’t have to fight my way from a tacky sales assistant. I would be able to have my dream dress and share it with everyone…literally.

This is the first of a series of blog posts about the design process of my dream dress. I wanted to share this experience with my readers because it is a scary but thrilling journey for me. I want to share my sketches and little stories along the way. And, when this process is finished, you’ll get to see the final dress before I don it for my special day. Because what is super amazing about this process is that at the end of the process curvy brides-to-be will be able to purchase my design for themselves!

I first met Kate when she invited me down to Melbourne to the first birthday of her vintage store Bombshell Vintage. Hosted at the LuWow, it was an event that opened my eyes to vintage fashion. At the time, I was a modern fashion lover and it was a real glimpse for me to see beautiful vintage fashion that suited my shape. Needless to say, her show and the designers that showed at the celebration curves and vintage sparked a fire in me and I was hooked. Bombshell Vintage was recently on the runway down in Melbourne at the Curvy Couture runway show with a collection of beautiful, timeless dresses in brilliant shades of colour and sparkle.

What I wasn’t aware of was the timeless, elegant wedding dresses that Bombshell Vintage offered. Based off traditional patterns and beautifully made, I was so excited to be in the hands of Kate and her team. We started out discussions with me sending across a sketch of what I thought I wanted. Kate was honest and shared her concerns about my design. Together we are still in the process of designing but I am so excited to share this journey with you all.

You can find our more about Bombshell Vintage by visiting their website following them on FaceBook!

Red & Gold: Evelyn Dress in Yellow and Black Vintage Floral Print

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I have fallen in love with this dress. Is it even possible to feel so attached to a piece of cloth?
This is my second Evelyn and the cut is different to my first. The bust fits smooth, the print is so crisp and fresh.
But what makes this dress so special was that it was the frock I wore on my Graduation (which I posted about recently here).
I’ve been playing around with different colours and I love the pop of red with the glorious g0ld print of the dress.

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