My Life

Hi there!

My name is Caitlin!

I live with my beautiful fiancé Jacob in southern Sydney, Australia in a flat we share with a roommate Damo and Jacob’s fighting fish Frankie. I met Jacob through eHarmony in 2012 when I was almost 22 and he was 27 and it was love at first sight. Last year on a one month trip to the USA, Jacob fulfilled my wildest dreams and proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building in New York City.
You can read about my Jacob here and about my dream engagement here.


I have been in love with fashion since before I can remember, and my earliest memories are of a pair of purple boots I wore when I was a toddler, and a matching pair of corduroy trousers. I have memories of sequins and silk cut off from when my grandmother Elaine would make wedding gowns for the women in her Sutherland Shire neighborhood. I love the glitter and shimmer of sequins, how they moved on my dance costumes and how the fabrics were available in every colour at my local Lincraft. To this day, the theatrics of a sequin make my heart shiver and I love wearing them all of the time.

My journey in fashion is a small one, but one that I am so humbled to be part of. I have attended fashion shows, launches and PR events where my opinions and thoughts have been heard and noted, and have even flown to New York to represent Australia as a VIP Fashion Front Blogger at Full Figured Fashion Week. These events spur inside a love of fashion that keeps burning, and while I would love to work in fashion I also appreciate being able to capture just a glimpse behind the scenes, on the catwalk and from the designers point of view.

Besides fashion, I have a life long lust for the visual arts and frequently feed my obsession with gallery tours and independent shows. Travelling to New York and coming face to face with works at the Museum of Modern Art made my desire to become a Visual Arts teacher even stronger. In 2013 I completed a 4 year degree in Visual Arts education and I will don the gown and cap in June 2014 to celebrate my achievements.

My love of vintage….well, that is something that deserves its own page and possibly will one day, but for now it can be summed up as an appreciation of style and aesthetics of a time where it was important to love and care about your appearance. My love of the 1950s can be seen back to my years as a goth, from the age of 14 all the way until I graduated highschool. My love never eventuated to me wearing the style until I discussed it with my fiancé. His support and appreciation of the look make me realize that it was possible to rediscover my style and since the end of 2013 I have tried (and loved) the look!

Vintage store, thrifting and Op Shops are some of my favourite experiences. I love the smell and the dust on the shelves, the exploration for old jewels in an old tin and the flicking of racks to find fun pieces. I am an avid collector of 1980s and below and often fall in love with old cardigans, 1960s shift dresses and Glomesh handbags. My collection often gets a “lookover” and I regularly cull old pieces and sell them to fuel my desire for more!

My story is one that many can see themselves in and I am so lucky to have the support of my friends and family around me. Thank you to those who read my blog and share my vision, or for those who take inspiration from my style and my stories.

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