Closet Confessions was born on the first of January, 2011 as a place to share the life and style of Caitlin Bradley. It was a humble beginning with a girl, a tripod and a hope of finding something good in a sea of “old lady fashion”. At the age of 20, Caitlin was a size 22-24 and not a fan of how society wanted her to dress. Her blog was designed not to share new, cool, fun fashion but more of a place to draw on her inspirations in her journey and to show her creativity in expressing herself through fashion.

Since day one, Closet Confessions has moved beyond just a fashion blog. Closet-confessions.com is a place where one girl has evolved on the screens of women all around the world as she has grown accustomed to the big, scary world and the fashions she can access.

At Closet Confessions you can find more than just fashion. You can find stories on love, on fears. You can find advice on brands and sizing, new stores to browse and new designer to follow. You can learn new things, travel through your computer with Caitlin as she braves the world. But most importantly, Caitlin aims to share herself and her journey with those who wish to join her.

For those who follow Closet Confessions, you have seen the progression in these 4 years as Caitlin’s style has evolved, as her heart has found love and her body change. She hopes to show her past, present and future readers her journey in love, in marriage and health as she tackles victory rolls and red lipstick, seamed stockings and catwing liner and fulfill the image of a retro-goddess (something she has wanted for a very long time).

Closet Confessions has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Cleo Magazine and A Current Affair. Caitlin was selected as a VIP Fashion Front blogger and attended Full Figured Fashion Week in New York in 2012.

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