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I love presents …
have something to send me?

Ooo! I love presents…have something to send?

Caitlin Bradley
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Please let me know you are sending me something….so I can wait at the door for the postman and get giddy when it does!

Brands, PR & Companies

I love that you have taken the time to think “Closet Confessions will love my new stuffs” and 9/10 I totally do! But please keep in mind that by sending something to me, it may not get featured on the blog or through social media. I believe in writing about things that resonate with me, my life and my fashion. I will never write about something that doesn’t feel right or “click”.

If you have something that you think I will love, why not get in touch with me to see how we can work together and share the love with my readers?! You can learn more about my advertising here or even about Sponsored Posts here. Hey, I can even work with you in a partnership!

 Never be afraid to shoot me an email! These red lips don’t hide fangs and I certainly don’t bite!

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