Let’s work together!

I pride myself on making Closet Confessions a fun, friendly atmosphere and as such I screen all advertisements, all sponsored posts and all giveaways very carefully to ensure that my readers can get the best experience and the brands I work with, the best exposure possible!

If you are unsure if your brand or service is right for Closet Confessions, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can get chatting!

By allowing advertisements on Closet Confessions, I am assisting the growth of my blog. Without paid sponsorship, I would not be able to share my fashion with the world, and every cent goes back into my writing, my blog hosting and the purchase of new clothes!

Closet Confessions offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship avenues. Please feel free to contact me for a copy of my current Media Kit or to discuss how we can work together!


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