This is me in my Camilla

Well, I wish. Camilla Franks is an amazing designer. When I think of the perfect summer kaftan, I think of a flowing, bright coloured design in glorious silks by Camilla. They seem to cature sitting by the pool, drinking cocktails so well. At Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, Camilla had a stall in the Fashion Hub where you could put on a Camilla creation and move around like a model and have a picture taken. The best picture will win a Camilla creation of their own!

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Photograph of Danimezza, Lady Coco Nimet, Closet Confessions and XL as Life taken by Camilla at the CamillaSpace in the Fashion Hub. Photo taken by Camilla Staff.

Here we are. Fashion stylists. Bloggers.Dani of Danimezza, wearing a fabulous colourful creation which I desperatly NEED. Lady Coco Niment, a fashion and imahe consultant who was fabulous. Me, Caitlin of Closet Confessions giving my best vogue model pose. Natalie of XL as Life wearing a kaftan with so much fabric that she’s being eaten by it’s fantastic-ness!

You should head over to the Camilla FaceBook page and ‘like’ our picture. It’f very simple. Just click onto this link, log into your account, and simply click the ‘like’ button. Hey, leave a comment if you like it! We look fabulous! We deserve lots of love! Tell Camilla which of the frocks you like the best! Confess your beach-wearing dreams! Hey, just blab on about our rocking poses. Just do it!

You can find the picture here, find Camilla’s FaceBook page here or take a look at their website online here.


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