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If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate the wind and all the elements of Winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. But I hate how after a day on public transport and in the wind and rain of old weather, my skin feels like a crusty sultana and it hurts ALOT! With sensitive skin, I’m always skeptical of putting lotions and creams on, because most of the time I react to them, they rash, they irritate and they make my day terrible.

The team at NuffNang Australia have started Product Talk and I love the concept. Product allows bloggers to have a first hand go at new products and services, give them a good run and recommend them to their readers. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, is that everything I put on this blog has been tested, and everything I share I totally agree with. I would never out up a product I do not like, agree with or anything like that because what is the point in lying? Closet Confessions is about sharing my experiences, and so I put that into force when reviewing etc. You can find out more here. Please note I was not paid to conduct this review, but Product Talk by NuffNang Australia kindly provided the product for me to sample.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a small group to try out a fabulous new product from Vaseline. The Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion is filled to the brim with vitamins A, E and B5 and a delightful pump pack. I was spoilt and provided a 375ml bottle of the Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion, and I have used the product for the past two weeks.

Initial Thoughts
The packaging is strong and secure, and after accidentally dropping the bottle and it went tumbling down the stairs and on to tiled floors, I had no breakages, no leaks and the pump top came off but fit back in straight away. In the interest of stability, it is worth having for families! The smell was comforting, and natural and I didn’t find it at all overpowering. It doesn’t smell overly feminine so I think even men could use this product. A plus was that the product is non greasy and is quickly absorbed into the skin, so I was left with smooth, nice smelling hands that felt instantly hydrated.

Vaseline is a popular and household name in Australia, so the¬†availability of this product is great for all families. You can find Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion in leading grocery stores, your local chemist and variety stores such as K-Mart, Target and Big W. If you are unsure of your local store, you can contact the Vaseline Customer Service team on 1-800-061-027 and they can give you the locations in your area. I love that I don’t have to buy this product online, and I can grab it on the shopping trip, one a shopping spree or at the chemist. It’s really handy.

The RRP price for the 375ml bottle of the Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion is $7.29 which, in all honesty, is great. The bottle will last one person quite some time, but for the 375ml for a family, I think that price is great if your keeping all members of the tribe smooth and moisturised during winter. In comparing the product to my usual body lotion, the price is less than a third and size is double. The results are the same and I was seriously shocked. This product is great on the skin AND the hip pocket!

Interesting information from a research study conducted on Australian Skin Habits:
“New research by Vaseline reveals that nearly half of all Australians (48%) are ageing far from gracefully, with dry skin leading to the appearance of premature ageing such as sagging and wrinkling. A lack of daily moisturising from Aussie women contributes to the problem, and comparisons to other countries around the world make this even more apparent. Only 40% of Australians are using a body lotion regularly compared to over 89% in other markets like Brazil, South Africa & Philippines. This alarming situation is worsened once you add our harsh climate to the mix, with large fluctuations in humidity and temperature wreaking havoc on our skin and making it more susceptible to being dry, dull and therefore displaying signs of premature ageing.” – Taken from NuffNang Product Talk information.

What I found rather surprising is that Australian women appear to have non-preventative ideals about skin problems. This means that women will usually wait for problems to start and escalate before they are thought about being treated. Women are constantly experiencing problems with dry skin and cracked heels, yet they will usually complain¬† and not do anything to prevent the pain of a cracked heels or dry elbow! It doesn’t surprise me that I’m also part of that group, because I’m lazy my mum is constantly having a go at my dry elbows, but I thought I was the only one!

How did I find the product:
The Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion is smooth, creamy and easy to apply. Just one pump was enough to cover my hands and halfway up my forearms when preparing for a dash out to the car. The product is smooth to apply, the consistency is creamy and feels rather luxurious on the skin. The smell may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it to be a nice alternative to some of the sickly sweet perfumed lotions on the market. Using the Dry Skin lotion was easily adapted into my daily routine, and I applied it morning and night. After a shower I applied it after my face routine and found it dried and wasn’t oily when getting dressed. It left my skin feeling plumped and smooth, but not oily. I applied the Lotion to my elbows (which my mum always complains about) and after one week, they had stopped being dry and are now smooth and not ‘crunchy’ (worst skin description ever!).

I will be adding the Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion into my daily routine from now on for affordable, easy to use and comfortable skin. With skin being the bodies biggest organ, I’m going to shift some of the attention I receive to looking at my face and start looking after the skin of my body. Your skin reflects your age, and I wan’t to be young forever….don’t you?!

You’d be making kissy faces too if you had smooth elbows like me!

This post has items provided by Product Talk by Nuffnang. You can find out more here.



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