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Like many Australian women, I struggle with finding a great hair product to suit my often destroyed hair. My main concern is finding a product that won’t weight down my hair, that the product won’t leave build up and make my scalp oily and something that the product is healthy and gives moisture to my ends. Nearly every product I try leaves some form of ‘gunk’ on my scalp. A lot of the most popular conditioners still leave build up, even when I’ve scrubbed to get it out on my hair! So when I was invited to try a new product I hadn’t heard of before, I was excited but still skeptical.

Botanics of Australia (or BOA) are an Australian hair, skin and body care range of products made with natural botanical extracts. All their extracted ingredients are sourced from all over Australia and provide the ingredients for rejuvenating your skin and hair. The team at BOA sent me the Moisturising Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner, which both have Banksia Flower Extract and for my review I have used the products for 4 weeks to ensure my hair has been exposed for some time to the products.

Review Notes:
I have used the Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner for 4 weeks, twice per day. I have only used the two bottles provided, which are 250ml each bottle. At the conclusion of the review period, I still have some shampoo left, but have run out of conditioner. I washed my hair every second or third day.

First Impressions:
The size of the bottles were very small on first viewing, both Shampoo and Conditioner were in 250ml bottles. I liked that the Shampoo and the Conditioner were in different coloured bottles for easy selection in the shower. The Moisturising Shampoo with Banksia Flower Extract came in a metallic green bottle and smells soft and not at all over powering. The consistency is alittle creamier than most of the shampoo products I have used, but lathers to a creamy foam and is smooth on application. The Moisturising Conditioner with Banksia Flower Extract is in the metallic gold bottle and is smooth and creamy to apply. I needed a little more than my normal conditioner when applying, but it was easy to move through my hair.

Price and Size:
The bottles are small, and so the price of RRP$12.95 per bottle seemed to be steep on first viewing. After using the same bottles for 4 weeks, I have still a quarter of the bottle of the shampoo remaining, but have used all of the conditioner. Comparing that to my other products, it has lasted me quite a bit longer than normal. In conjunction with use, I applied a hair treatment on the ends of my hair, as my normal hair routine on every Saturday evening for 5 minutes.

Comments about the first week of application:
All of my reviews are going to be honest, so please read all of my comments about this product. The first day of using this product, I did not like it. The consistency of the shampoo felt as if it was dragging through my hair and it didn’t seem to lather like the rest of my shampoo experiences. The conditioner was also different and so when washed out, my hair felt different. The first three applications were the same, but by the end of the week, my hair had become a lot softer. To me, it felt as if the product was taking the other build-up off with each wash. I still had to use extra conditioner each time, but I found that my hair was clean and when dried naturally had a nice, soft wave in it.

Other comments about the product:
I loved that my hair felt squeaky clean. I really haven’t had a Shampoo and Conditioner product that hasn’t left any residue on my scalp. These products allowed me to have soft, smooth hair and it was clean. My hair did feel slightly dull after the first week of use, and almost dry when towel dried, but when dried naturally it is wavy and bouncy. I love the volume it game my hair.

Final comments:
The Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner are a great alternative to other products, with it’s rich botanical aspects. I love the smell, as it wasn’t overly fruity but had a soft, natural scent that wasn’t over powering. The Shampoo left my scalp clean and residue free, and this is best part of using this product. In terms of using these products again, I would happily use the Moisturising Shampoo for it’s fantastic cleaning properties, but I found the Conditioner had to be used more, and I used double the amount of my normal conditioning products. While I loved the end result, I felt it didn’t get my dry ends enough moisture for natural drying.

This is how my hair turned out on the last day of the review period. After 4 weeks of using the Botanics of Australia Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair dries naturally with big, bouncy waves and has a nice shine to it. My scalp is also really clean!

Would you recommend it?
I sure would! If you have any concerns about how much build up is on your scalp, you should try these products. The Moisturising Shampoo is soft and cleans the hair and scalp well. The texture is thick and creamy and lathers well with a good scrub. The Moisturising Conditioner was easy to apply, but I found it didn’t really suit my hair. They are both fantastic products, and if you are looking for a great product that cleans and gives body to your hair with natural ingredients, then this could be your next hair product.

Where can you find out more about the product?
The Botanics of Australia website have lots of information about their products, so check out the Hair Care Page for more information.

Where do you get it?
You can buy Botanics of Australia at Fashion Addict Online here and you can find the rest of the Botanics of Australia range on Fashion Addict also.

You can find out more about Botanics of Australia by checking out their website!

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