January Wishlist

I’ve been quiet on the writing front because my life is going through a huge shift and my business is shooting off at a thousand km per second! I promise to be back on my feet and writing again my sweet friends!
When I’m not working and I’m not stressing, I have been putting together a list of gorgeous things I want to add to my life. I love adding sparkle to my life, be it in a brooch or a hair flower or two! It’s an affordable little flourish of fun to an everyday outfit. Here are a few of my wishlists:

Luxulite brooches
Luxulite is an American brand that focuses on recreating glorious 40s and 50s inspired designs. They are handmade and beautifully crafted! I haven’t had the pleasure of adding these to my collection but boy, would I love one (or….5?) They are simply gorgeous! On the wishlist for sure. Shop the collection at their Etsy store here.


Blue & Hot Pink $28.50
Silver & Pink $28.50


When I went to my Year 10 formal, my “cool” grandmother Elaine bought me a steel boned underbust corset from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney’s Enmore. It was black satin with floral brocade and cost her a pretty penny, but it was the statement for the Evanescence inspired look I was giving off. Ever since then, I have loved corsets and think they are ever-so gorgeous. I’ve now added 2 more to my collection from Orchard Corset, a USA based company with beautiful corsets and even better prices. Steel boned, highly constructed and lovely designs, I am HOOKED (no pun intended). My next purchase will be a waspie, a short waist option as I have found my lovely belly (sarcasam intended) digs in with the longer line. The pain of having such a small, squishy waistline! Check out Orchard Corset’s website here.

Mesh waspie in black – $75.00
Leather waspie in black – $75.00
Cotton waspie in black – $65.00

daizyMy lovely friend and pinup Miss Osiria Rose has launched her own hair flower business, Daisy Jean Floral Designs. I remember speaking with her about what she wanted to do and now it is here, and they are gorgeous! She uses high quality flowers and her settings are unique, big and bold. I have two in my collection now and I cannot wait to share them with you all! They are simply gorgeous. I love the deluze red double because I have a red double from another store and its falling apart from wear. I actually own the Pink Princess and while it isnt my normal colour scheme, I adore the softness and feminine feel! Check out her store here!

Deluxe Double Roses in Red - $18.00
Pink Princess – $18.00

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