Once you do away with the idea of people as fixed, static entities,
then you see that people can change, and there is hope.

- Bell Hooks



Closet Confessions has taken many a journey in the years she has been online, but one thing I have always been proud of is my honesty.
I very rarely edit or modify the images you see. My computer doesn’t even have Photoshop and if I ever change a thing, it is only small, minute. Colour, tone. The artist in me sees adaptions and I take them carefully. I like to think of myself as honest about my body. I am a pale, overweight girl who shares her body and her fashion on the internet. I have cellulite and patchy legs and sometimes, if you zoom in close you can see that I’m due to shave my legs. I am a real person, whether you choose to believe that or not.

I have been lucky enough to have people who began my journey still read today, even when my style changed. My blog took an overhaul that reflected my life. Vintage and pinup is something I have wanted ever so much, but for many years I was still searching for it. My daily routine includes my rolls and red lips, but I still can roll casual and flip between my perfect seamed stockings and my rock chic. I wanted this post to let my old readers know that while most of my content is retro, I can still pull it off. I can still do street and I do it all the time.

I have felt restrained in my writing for some time. I felt like something wasn’t right when people stopped reading and when brands no longer wanted to work with me.
It has taken many months for me to truly evaluate where I want my writing to take me, and I am ready to continue and share with you all. Thank you for allowing me to breathe, to take a moment and to start fresh.




I am constantly inspired by the world I live and my sense of identity is beyond static.
My style is a constant evolution & I thank those who have supported me along the way for letting me embrace who I am.
Being it pin up or be it street, or be it thrift shop fashionista: the most important thing in life is to wear what makes you happy.

Dress – City Chic
Boots – Doc Martin

Closet Confessions

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