The launch of Closet Confessions Boutique

I’ve been quiet and it’s only because I have been working on big things. Things that have been keeping me up at night and scaring me to death.
Recently I have gone through a number of changes in my life that have greatly inspired me to take a leap of faith. With a push from my partner Jacob and my parents, I jumped.
I took the opportunity to launch my own space, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you here.
I have opened my own online plus size fashion boutique and I am so excited share this news with my readers.


Many people have asked me why I wanted to start my own online store. It was a scary thing to do, both financially but also emotionally. I posted the following on my web boutique and I think it really encapsulates why.

“I was sick and tired of being pushed to the back of the store when I went shopping. I wanted fashion that inspired me, but I was met with poor service and a lack of passion from the stores I would visit. Closet Confessions had always been a place of inspiration for me and my blog has seen me find new and exciting designers, so starting my own boutique was a natural progression. Here you will find a store that has a passion for sizes 14+. A store with a focus on customer service, beautiful products and supporting Independent and Australian brands where possible. Closet Confessions will grow and I cannot wait to share my fashion journey with you!”

I recently had an experiance in a retail store that I will never repeat, but one that really got my fire running hot.
The store owner told me “Fat customers are the worst. They complain about everything.”
As a curvy woman, it made me so mad! Her lack of consideration for someone with needs in her store made my decision to launch my own site so much easier.
She didn’t appreciate that a woman wanted a dress that flattered her. That she wanted a choice, and to not be pushed to the back of the store.
I decided that day that Closet Confessions would be a store that focused on celebrating curves, making online shopping easy with extensive measurements and attention to detail.

I am starting small but I am so excited about sharing this new adventure with my readers. I hope that you will take a look at my store, and for my readers I am offering a special discount as a “thankyou”.
Enter code ” thanks ” andĀ receiveĀ 10% off your order!

You can find my online store at

Closet Confessions

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