Don the Cap & Gown: Vintage-inspired Graduation


The blog has been quiet, but this was not my intention: My life this year has been a whirlwind I am not lying when I say it has been & still is a struggle.
I’m the type of person who need set things, I need to know what I am doing and where my life is heading and sometimes I can’t do that. It’s hard but I like that I can tick things off.

This week I graduated after 4 years of hard work. It was an effort, let me tell you. But putting on that cap, and pulling on that gown and hood made me realise that the hard work and sacrifices I have made are worth it.
My graduation was a celebration of hard work and sheer perserverance and I can only thank those around me who have supported me since day one for my success.

To my loving family, my beautiful grandmother Elaine and both of my parents Sue and Kel. To my loving husband-t0-be, Jacob. Without their assistance, I would not have graduated. I am so lucky to have had them by my side on this journey.

I am officially a Visual Arts teacher, with the paper to prove it! Let’s see where my next journey will take me!

IMG_8873 IMG_8903Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing – Evelyn in Yellow – Size 2xl
Shoes by KMart
Watch by Marc Jacobs
Hat, Gown and Hood purchased from GownTown (It was cheaper to buy than rent!)

My hair and makeup was done by Bexterity and Your One Stop Pinup Shop, Campbelltown. I highly recommend her for working with the needs of my attire!






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