Cherry Dollface Hair & Makeup Session – Newcastle, Australia

CDSession - Thursday Caitlin 3

I saw the advert and I knew I wanted to attend.
There was no doubt that I was going to miss 3 hours of teasing, red lipstick and hair spray with the Youtube and pinup sensation Cherry Dollface. Armed with my camera and hoping my memory would hold all of the information (I also had a notebook!), I sat in on the first session that kicked off Catfight Collections’s Charlestown Square Cherry Dollface sessions. My class was on a Thursday night, with only around 19 ladies. We were all excited to attend, learn and we all had lots of questions!

Cherry Dollface was simply a wonderful teacher. Not only is she funny and entertaining, she also simplified & broke up complicated steps for everyone. She made victory rolls (start) to make sense for me, and some of her tips and tricks for eye makeup were new for me. If you ever have the chance, step in to one of her classes and you will see why I attended. It was a great boost to my inspiration levels.

Throughout the sessions, Cherry used some gorgeous products that I later purchased from the Bomber Betty cosmetic brand. I cannot recommend this brand for an amazing eyeliner, and I will be sharing my experience with it on the blog very soon. It is seriously the BEST eyeliner I’ve used and have been using non-stop since buying!

Here are a few tips that I have been using since the session, maybe they will work for you too!

CDSession - Thursday - Caitlin 2

Eyebrows: There are so many different products that you can use, but it is most important to start with a good base. Avoid waxing your brows to pin thin and let them grow back if you have!
There are so many products on the market, but it’s a good idea to start with a powder or even a tinted wax/gel product to hold the shape of your brow and tint at the same time. Use small strokes rather than a big, sweeping line across the brow to fill in the colour. When choosing your colour, think about the base tones in your hair and hunt around for a product that works for you (this is why powders will work!). For girls with bold colours in their hair (like pink, blue etc), it takes alot of ‘sass’ to pull off coloured brows so unless you can rock pink brows, opt for something natural like brown. If you have black hair, it’s okay to use brown. Just practice till you find your shade.

CDSession - Thursday - Caitlin 3

Lashes: Liner always goes on first as well as a good coat of thickening and lengthening mascara. When using lashes for the first time, give them a trim to fit your face and when they are right, give the stem a wiggle to loosen. By doing this, they will sit better on your eyes and not pop off on the ends as easy. Cherry recommended using “Duo” glue, a latex based glue that can be bought either in clear or black drying formula. You can buy DUO eyelash glue at a few online retailers, but I recommend using Hub Makeup, or visiting one of their stores.

CDsession - Thursday - Caitlin

Powder: Always have your compact with you for touch ups, and make sure your powder isn’t too light or too dark for your skin tone. After using powder, remember to give some shape back into your face using contouring and a touch of blush on the cheeks! Use a powder 1-2 shades darker than your normal foundation to shade in under the cheekbones and just above the temples. For a night look, you could also do a little to lengthen your nose if your so desire! Never, ever put powder UNDER you chin or along your jawline! You will give yourself a 5 o’clock shadow and it’s not a good look! Fill blush in the fullness of your cheeks and never sweep up too high, we aren’t in the 80s with this look!

CDSession - Thursday Caitlin 4

Teasing: Your hair won’t love you if you tease it everyday, so make sure you are using good products to maintain your hair between your vintage hairstyle days! The biggest tip I took from the day was the tease using a ‘C’ shape, just just pushing up and down on the hair shaft. As you pull the comb or teasing brush down the hair, curl your comb/brush inwards, creating a “C” shape as you pull down. It will give more volume (as you can see from above!) You also don’t need lots of hairspray to keep this much volume. Try using a texture spray or Cherry recommended “What a Tease” by Big Sexy Hair, $28.95, available from Hairhouse Wearhouse.

CDSessions - Thursday - Caitlin 5Product: Throughout the session Cherry used products from Big Sexy Hair, available from Hairhouse Warehouse. These products were recommended by her after she has used them herself. Throughout the session, however, Cherry always recommended to use a heat protectant spray, to never use hair spray when using tools (as they are alcohol based!) and to work on your tease. If you are relying on hairspray, think about teasing more or how you are prepping your hair. Using waxes and pomades can help smooth flyaways and just simply use a light hold hairspray at the end of your style for extra support.

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