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A number of weeks ago, I was nervous as hell as Jacob and I parked the car. I was about to step into a session with Cherry Dollface and learn new tips and tricks.
But the girls at Catfight Collections had given me the best news ever: that I got to hang with the lady herself while she ate dinner and ask her a miriad of questions.
It was a dream come true, but what does one ask a Youtube and pinup sensation with 10 minutes? I thought long and hard about what I wanted to ask and she was a true doll, answering them all with her gorgeous attitude!


Caitlin: Pinup can be an expensive lifestyle or hobby, what are some of your tips for creating the look on a budget?

Cherry: Pinup doesn’t have to be expensive at all. I find that alot of normal shops these days are really good with prints, because you can find lots of polka dots, stripes and leopard print and you can try to mix that in to your wardrobe. That can give your everyday stuff an edge. You don’t have to buy an expensive dress, you can find a cute polkadot skirt and match it with a basic top to mix with it. I think it’s better to invest in your shoes and bags, or you can even spend more on your accessories, you know, like a good piece? I find that stores these days are doing lots of retro prints.

Caitlin: Following that, what do you think is a piece or key pieces that we should have in our wardrobe? For me I always have a black wiggle skirt and you can always wear a different cardigan or blouse over the top.

Cherry: Yes! I actually have a video with the 10 essentials to a rockabilly wardrobe (see it here)! Honestly, I think having cardigans and a good range of cardigans in different prints is so good. Because you can just pull on a pair of jeans and a tank top and when you put on like a cute cardigan, you can wear it everyday and you outfit can instantly change. You can look different everyday and it is so easy to wear. You can always accessories them, you know?

Caitlin: As a viewer of your channel, we always see your beautiful makeup and you always look flawless. Your collaboration with cosmetic brand Bomber Betty looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see you use the products! Can you tell me a little about your inspirations for your line?

Cherry: Bomber Betty actually came to me and asked me to do a collection and first we were only going to do three lipsticks, and I was like “Well, let’s do three lipsticks and three glosses” because you know, the glosses will be better for the younger girls or for the girls that don’t really lip wearing lipstick. So, because we only did 6 of them, I wanted to do one one of each, you know, I wanted to do everything! So we did a really great red. She actually matched the red I wear everyday, because that way it would be something I would actually wear! And then I wanted to do a really great and dark vampy red which is called “Silent Movie Star”, and then a hot pink just to round it out. So I didn’t really have any outside inspirations, I just really wanted to encompass a line of colours I would actually wear. Also, we are releasing new colours in the Spring, those are more pastels. We’re doing a lavender, a light pink and a more orange red for the girls that aren’t really into the dark red. I’m really excited about it.

Caitlin: Is there a product in your hair and beauty arsenol that you simply could not live without?

Cherry: Hmmm. Good mascara. What am I using right now….I think it’s by Smashbox, I don’t even know if you guys have Smashbox out here? But, yeah, a really good mascara. I also love concealer. I use Boing by Benefit. You guys have them here, right? Yeah, I love their stuff.

Caitlin: We see you sharing tips and tricks and sharing lots of wonderful styles for our hair, but how does Cherry Dollface do her hair on a ‘lazy day’? What is your go-to hairstyle?

Cherry: My lazy days are like, everyday. Ha ha. Most of the time when I am at home editing or answering emails or whatever, I don’t wear makeup. I just have moisturiser on and flick on some mascara if I am going out. But I just do my hair in a pomp, I think your guys call it a pouffe here? Yeah, I just do one of those at the front and a top knot. Just basic, it’s my go to. Sometimes I’ll have side swept bangs or I’ll wear my bangs down but that’s kind of my “go to the gym, at home” hairstyle. I’m a really low maintenance, everyday kinda of gal. I don’t wear makeup everyday.

Caitlin: We know you are out here with Catfight Collections, offering tips to lots of gorgeous ladies and attending the Pinup Throwdown. What are your plans in Australia?

Cherry: Catfight Collections sponsored me to be here in Australia and they have literally booked my entire time here in Australia. Even my days off, I have something to do! They’ve booked me because all I have to do is ask one of the girls “What am I doing now” and they just tell me. It’s awesome! I’ve been to Kurri Kurri, I’m doing some photoshoots with them and I’m super excited to be meeting lots of ladies at my sessions here at Charlestown.

Caitlin: So you’re heading to Viva Las Vegas this year…are you excited? Have you got all your outfits planned?

Cherry: Yeah, they’re already packed! I just uploaded a video on my channel about packing for Viva (see it here). I’ve been going to Viva for years, this will be my 10th year and I always hear girls get so stressed about packing and are like “What do I wear!?” So I decided to make a video that tells you what to bring, what to wear. I think I’ve covered the things that most girls, like, forget. Because you know there is always something you forget!


You can watch all of Cherry Dollface’s amazing videos on Youtube on her channel
A special thankyou to the girls at Catfight Collections for allowing me to spend some time with Cherry and a huge thankyou to Cherry Dollface herself for being so nice to answer my questions!


Outfit details:
Dress by Limb Clothing via Betty Le Bonbon on FaceBook
Shoes by Payless Shoes


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  • Cherry Dollface

    Love it! It was my pleasure sitting down with you. You are an absolute doll. And I love that your dress in this photo matches your website! Hahah. So cute.

  • Mikaela Dean

    You always look stunning Caitlin. Can I ask what size your Limb dress is? I’ve been lusting after these for so long but as they are so expensive I’m worried about getting the wrong size!

    • Caitlin

      Hi Mikaela!
      Mine is a UK20, but it is very roomy and could have easily sized down!
      They are designed to be worn with a cone bra or atleast have a bigger bust!

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