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A few weeks ago, I took a weekend off and Jacob and I had a long weekend up in Newcastle.
It was my first time to the area, so I really enjoyed playing tourist for awhile, shopping up a storm (more on that in another blog post!) and hanging out at pinup events.

The weekend was the perfect excuse to wear some beautiful dresses and take a few shots to share with you. This dress is one I have been in love with since the beginning of my journey into retro. Her name is Heidi and she’s a Pinup Couture design. The Heidi is one of the most popular dresses I have ever seen & for good reason: the cut is gorgeous, the fabric selections are amazing and who can deny such a flattering cut on any body shape? My first Heidi was naturally going to be leopard print. I have a small obsession with this print. Well, anything leopard actually. It was love at first sight and I bought it straight away.


For me, leopard print just simply asks to be paired with a bold colour like red.
Red is seriously an obsession colour for me, and it really surprises me that my blog doesn’t have red in the design!
I accessorised my Heidi with red lips, red hair flowers and a vintage necklace.
My final red addition was a new pair of shoes that I slipped out of the dust protectors and onto my feet as we got out of the car. They were one of my purchases (or well, splurges…whoops!) while we were away! I have wanted them for awhile, and with a gift voucher I took the opportunity to buy things I simply adored. So, I did. These are now part of my collection and I love them!


The Heidi dress has a lovely full skirt, not full circle but more a-line/half circle-ish. For day, it floats around beautifully without the aid of a petticoat, but for night I love the fullness that a petticoat brings to the shape. It changes the outfit dramatically! I wore this to a pinup event held at a bar, so it felt right to dress it up for night with the petticoat. I am hoping to own a red petticoat soon….I think it would look beautiful!

The colours in my leopard dress are darker than the newer version: I bought my dress off a Facebook friend who had never had the opportunity to wear it herself, but the new print is much brighter and more vibrant than mine!

I also added the patent red belt for a pop around my middle, and I love the addition. This dress came with a cotton black belt, but I never limit myself to what the designers tell me! I have worn this dress with a wide patent black belt, a studded belt and even a glossy red bow belt as well. It’s so refreshing to change up a dress you love with accessories. A combination I want to try with this dress is pink!


I am wearing the Heidi here in a 2xl and I could have easily gone down a size.
I find that most reproduction or vintage inspired clothing caters to a fuller bust which doesn’t go in my favour (but super awesome for the girls out there that need it!). It means that this Heidi and some of my other Pinup Couture dresses are a tad roomy on the bust and shoulders. For this reason, I think I could have gone down to a XL in this style, as it would sit nicer across the bust. It isn’t a noticeable thing when I am standing and walking around, but when I sit or lean over, I have to be super careful to not flash the room! Another note on the sizing is that the Heidi has a long waist, so great for girls who have a long torso, or have a ‘flat’ stomach. For me, I have a short torso and my legs take most of my length, so this dress sits about 1.5-2 inches below my natural waist line. Right now, it doesn’t make a huge difference, but I notice the dress sits much nicer with shapewear that pushes my “meat” down and gives me a longer waist – just an observation!


The stockings I am wearing are from City Chic, and are thigh high seamed stockings. These are super gorgeous, very sexy but catch on everything. I have about 4 pairs and I reckon every single pair has a pull or a hole. I guess they aren’t designed for practical wear, if you catch my drift *sneaky eyebrows* but they are super comfortable and a great addition to my wardrobe. Next time I wear them, I won’t wear a petticoat with them though as even the softest petticoat would have caught on them!


Outfit Details:

Heidi Dress in Leopard Print – Pinup Couture – Available in sizes XS-2XL and in plus size up to a 4xl
Prefer to buy in Australia? Try Your One Stop Pinup Shop in Sydney or Brisbane, Miskonduct Clothing in Newcastle or Catfight Collections – these are some of my favourite places to shop!

Cutie Pie Mary Jane in Patent Red - Pinup Couture Footwear – Size 10 (these are small, go up a size!)
I got my Cutie Pie heels from Catfight Collections in Islington.

Long Petticoat in Black – Hellbunny – Size XL-2XL
Grab yours from Ruff n Ready for under $50.00!

Centre Back Seam Tights – City Chic – Size S/M – $14.95

Nelly Belt - Sportsgirl – Red in M/L – $14.95

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  • Louise P

    You look absolutely amazing! I’ve been admiring those Heidi dresses for a few years now and they really are beautiful. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to treat myself to a couple! :)

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