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She’s bright, bold and fun and her print is super sweet – little cats chasing balls of string!

Accented by a wavy red border, Netti is a new colour for me and something I am getting used to. IMG_8365

I took Netti out for her first spin for a Sunday afternoon up the coast with Jacob. We had decided last minute to attend the Summer City Rumble up at The Entrance, and so I pulled her on. I am wearing the 2XL in this design and it is actually too big up top, and a little loose on my waist. It is difficult to know when buying online, but with a cardi on top she was just fine!


I’m certainly not a cat person, but this print really stood out for me. I think it comes down to the fact this dress has a beautiful colour palette and is a bit of fun compared to some of the prints I have been adding to my wardrobe.
If you’ve been a follower of Closet Confessions for awhile you’ll know I have a pretty eclectic fashion sense, so this dress slips right into my wardrobe!IMG_8335The weather that day was so strange; we started with hot, super sunny weather which prompted me to buy this little white parasol followed by a super freaky wind storm, rain and then HAIL! It was so strange!
Even in the time we took to snap these pictures, the sun came up, rain fell and clouds came in. We couldn’t believe it!

IMG_8369IMG_8346Style Details:
Netti Dress in cat print – Pinup Couture – Size 2XL
Black belt from other Pinup Couture dress
Red cardigan from local store at mall – size 14
Hush Puppies black chain detail loafers – size 41
Black Petticoat by Hellbunny
Vintage necklace
Earrings from seller at Sydney Rock n Roll and Alternative Markets
Brooch from Your One Stop Pinup Shop




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