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I’ve never been a huge Hawaiian print kinda gal, but this HellBunny dress, The Kiki, was too cute not to add to my collection. The print is backed with a solid black, something you rarely do see in tropical prints.  I think that’s what draws me in. Keep your kitchy fluro prints for sarongs and overseas get-ups! You can give me a subtle tropicana and I’ll wear it any day.


The Kiki dress is an older cut from Hellbunny, but what I like about it is the cute neckline with faux collar and button detailing. The dress is actually a halter top, but I don’t like them and hate how they sit. Instead, I have my beautiful fashion assistant (and fiance) Jacob tie the neck traps around the back in a bow to make the dress strapless. It is comfortable and far nicer than an aching neck! I suggest doing this with a firm fitting dress or have some Hollywood tape on hand for any fashion emergencies!


Just like many of the other Hellbunny dresses, the Kiki has a stretch panel at the back, allowing for a great, firm fit on the bodice. The fabric itself has no stretch, but I took my normal stretch-back size for the Kiki and found the XL fit me perfectly! The full skirt looks lovely without a petticoat, as worn here, and doesn’t look overwhelmingly “pin-up”. You could easily see this dress for sale at your local mall, which makes it a great choice for “starters” in the Hellbunny phase!

If you have trouble finding the Kiki, the same fabric is available in the ever-popular Alika dress. The style is very similar and the dress comes in a variety of colours including yellow, red, blue and pink. A beautiful pattern and a lovely dress as well.

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Kiki Dress (worn in XL) – Hellbunny – purchased on eBay
White cardigan – purchased at local mall in Sydney
White Wicker Bag – PinUp Couture
White shoes – Payless USA
Hair Flowers – Your One Stop Pinup shop, Campbelltown, Australia


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