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Image via Tumblr

To say I am scared is not an understatement.
To change something that has gone well for 4 years is a scary thing.
I will change my hair without a heartbeat, or the colour of my lipstick without a bat of an eyelash.
But the changes I have planned for Closet Confessions, while they aren’t HUGE, they are important (and scary) to me.

I know it seems silly, but I never started blogging so that people would take notice.
I started for me, a little place on the Internet that I could call mine and that I could build my confidence.
Starting this little thing called Closet Confessions has opened my eyes to the person I have become and I am so proud of what I have done.
I have challenged myself and pushed myself. But I wouldn’t have done it without being inspired by other bloggers around the world, by being supported by the readers of my blog and social media and of course, the love and support of my family.

I decided in mid 2013 that I was ready to make changes to Closet Confessions.
My style was evolving as my love and my body was too.
The clothing I was buying was moving away from the old me to the woman I am today.
I feel as if I have started to dress like a lady…the vintage look feels like me and I am so happy that I have finally found something that I love.


There are a few changes you will notice, and I hope you will come to love.

1. A new fresh, fun layout

I got bored, and then I played and then I got bored again with the look of Closet Confessions.
It was time for a new look and so the transition period will begin with a graphic designer behind the wheel.
Many hour of research, many changes of mind and well, many changes of EVERYTHING have gone into this layout and I am really loving it.
I cannot wait to show you and share how it inspires me!

There will be an easier comment system too, after your requests have been answered!

2. Introduction of video content

This is a new and big step for me, but something I hope you will really like!
With a new camera at my (and Jacobs!) fingertips we are able to put forward HQ video and I am hoping to start some small review and tutorial style videos!
It will be a bit slow at first, but I really hope it will become something I feel comfortable doing for you all soon!
I’d love to hear some things¬†you’d like me to talk about!

3. More Shopping Guides!

You asked and I will deliver!
My Shopping for Curves guides have proven very popular and I will be putting together more for you all.
Tell me, what are you looking for!!? I would love to know!
I love making them, and 2014 will find more of them available for you on Closet Confessions!

4. Better, higher quality photographs and a BIG focus on OOTD.

Everything I wear on Closet Confessions is literally what I have either worn that day, or what I am about to wear.
In 2014, I promise to put together outfits that inspire and bring joy to your day (like they do to me!).
Jacob and I are having so much fun playing around with my new lens and camera set up so I hope you love it!

5. Getting personal

I’m engaged and in love, but I will be honest in saying it scares me to be overly personal with Closet Confessions.
From time to time, I will certainly post about my love and the beautiful soul I plan to spend my life with, and with a wedding in the future (a few years away!!!) be sure you’ll get some updates along the way.
I promise to never become a bridezilla, over-food-sharer and baby-nappy reviewer in the future. But I will share my favourite food with you if it’s important to me!!!


I hope you will continue my journey with me as I take a “big” girl step towards the next stage of Closet Confessions.
So far I have been blessed with attending Full Figured Fashion Week, photographed and featured in Cleo magazine and interviewed for Cosmo.
There are exciting things on my horizon, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Closet Confessions will be down from January 16th for around 1-2 weeks for her revamp.
Stay tuned on social media for updates and news, and perhaps a sneakpeak or three!

Love, Caitlin xo

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