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 I am a big fan of shopping local. I love supporting my community but even more than that, supporting Australian brands! Wy would you always shop online and overseas when some of our Aussie plus size labels are bringing the good this summer!!?

I think it’s important to remember that while the prices may be high, sometimes it is certainly nicer to try pieces in the comfort of your home after only having to wait 2 days for them to arrive from an Australian brand! I am aiming to spend my money in Australia rather than overseas where I can because small business and lots of brands do it tough…let’s help them out this Christmas!


Tis the season….to wear red!

I am sure there are many more brands out there that I haven’t shown here, and if I have missed yours or a friends brand, small business or even a big retailer you think has some nice dresses, send me an email and I will add some more!

Please note: All of the brands I have shown allow you to purchase on their website or somewhere on the internet.
I haven’t shown anything you cannot buy, somehow, on the big wide internet! For this reason I cannot show Best & Less and other retailers who do not allow for you to shop online. I apologize if this is an issue for anyone!


Aussie retailer City Chic is one that we are all most likely familiar with, and they have some beautiful dresses out this summer. Of course, I naturally moved toward the nautical and retro inspired dresses from their 1950s Miami collection and well, I hope Santa takes note that all of these are welcome in my wardrobe!

From left to right
Seaside Dress – $119.00
Sail Away Dress – $119.00
Land Lover Dress – $119.00

Dream Diva offer a beautiful range of dresses and are often a great place to start the search of evening dresses or something to party in. I love the great range of summer florals that are on offer this Summer, perfect to wear with sandals and a floppy hat!


Floral Sun Dress – $79.00
Cut Out Neckline Dress – $79.00
Loose Fitting Swing Dress – $89.00

One of my all time favourite brands is 17 Sundays. As a massive fan from day one, I love the edgy street-style they give in their collections. Everything is easy to wear, of a high and excellent standard in quality and this shows in their Resort collection. Pops of colour, bold prints and easy to style pieces on offer make this collection a hit for me. The Fit and Flare dress in pink is a NEED for me. I have been eyeing it off since their launched their Look Book with my favourite NY girl, Kelly B of Masque Mag rocking it out.


Fit and Flare Dress with Elbow Sleeves – $69.95
Shining Star Kaftan Dress – $159.95
Cut Sleeve Dress with elastic Waist – $69.95

It is so inspiring to see Australian brand Harlow still going strong and with each new release, becoming a strong runner for great Aussie plus size fashion. The recent collection features wrap dresses in great colour combinations that I am certain readers of Closet Confessions will love.


Lipstick & Leather Pleather & Ponte Dress – Double Black – $199.00
Stellar Wrap Dress – $189.99
Gelato Wrap Dress - $189.00

TS14+ and Virtu have been Australian plus size brands that most will know, with TS14+ in most Myer stores around the country. But with the introduction of new Eplisse, the collections offer a variety of styles for all different types of bodies. There are lots of cuts, drapes and summery fabrics that are perfect for all women and great for summer.


Borcay Dress – Virtu – $89.99
Popsicle Dress – TS14+ – $139.99
Carnival Rose Sateen Dress – Eplisse – $159.99

Sara is a brand I haven’t had too much experience with, but have heard many great things about. Purchased through Ezibuy, the Sara collections for the party season are all about glamour and elegance. I’ve picked my top 3 “black” evening dresses that are easy to wear, super glamorous and get my tick of approval.


Strappy Mesh Dress – $159.95
Pleat Bodice Maxi Dress - $139.95
Embroidered Maxi Dress – $159.95

Also available at EziBuy is a newer brand called Addition Elle. The collection features a younger, fresher vibe with shorter hemline and brighter colour palettes. I love the Eyelet dress for a fun shape and great texture. The dresses would be perfect for Christmas day!


Eyelet Dress - $99.95
Print Dress – $69.99
Linen Dress – $129.00

My Size and Emme often produce a great range of dresses for the party season, but I wasn’t too impressed with the offering on their website. It appears that oversized shift dresses are the “style” they are after….but you can always adapt with a waist belt and a good pair of heels!

dress8Festival Dress - Emme – $99.00

The Nile Dress – My Size – $99.95
Azalea Print Dress – My Size – $119.95

Hope and Harvest are an Australian brand with a bold, fun collection. Their summer collection gives wardrobes a fun, summer feeling with punchy colours and lots of drape. Look to them for maxi skirts and kaftan style tops this summer!


Cowl Top Dress – $119.00
Two-Tone Maxi – $189.00
Two-Tone Shirt – $129.00
Purchase here

The Iconic is a website that so many plus-size women use, and they offer a great selection of brands in the one place! New to site is brand Love Your Wardrobe. The collection features affordable dresses that are perfect for Christmas parties and the holiday season. I’ve not had a chance to try these pieces, but I’d love to hear your experience!


Print & Plain Shift Dress – $79.50
Rainbow Bead Dress – $69.50
Chevron Stripe Dress – $79.95

Another brand available on The Iconic is Lala Belle. This brand is probably one of the more expensive in the dresses I’ve selected, but they are certainly head-turning! The cuts are super sexy, and crowd-worthy. If you are after all the attention on New Years Eve, you’ll want one of these!


Ponti Bra Slip Dress - $250.00
Rogue V-Nick Sequin Dress – $350.00
French Layering Lace Dress – $429.00

I’ve mentioned Target’s new plus size brand Bellecurve previously and even rocked some of their collection on the blog, so it is no doubt that you will rock one of their dresses for a great price this holiday season. I have seen a few sketches for the next collection which is due early next year, so keep your eyes out for that! But for now, rock some sequins or bold colours for summer.


Glamourous Sequin Dress -$79.00
Kaleidoscope Bodycon – $69.00
Lolita Dress – $59.00

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Moda have changed their direction, and it is starting to become clear in their latest collection and releases. Party dresses are fitted and no longer frumpy and their is the introduction of new, plain pieces instead of oversized and horrible prints. Check out your local Target store, or shop online to get yourself a great bargain.


Lace Fit & Flare Dress in Black with purple lining – $59.00
3/4 Length Jersey Dress - $39.00
Black Laser Cut Dress – $59.00

Big W, for me are a bit “hit & miss” with Avella and as an “inbetweener” I find their plus sizes much more roomy! They have some cheap pieces that will last a season or so, and some cute dresses which could be great for the holidays or the beach. Take a look if you are nearby and let me know what you think of their range!


Knit Dress – $25.00
Rayon Dress with Belt - $25.00
Crush Tunic Dress – $25.00

Autograph often have a lovely range of party dresses that cater to an older demographic, and this year it seems that the designers came from all angles to give a bright, and often disjointed collection (in my eyes!). What these means, however, is that you will find something to suit your style!


Tropical Print Dress – $79.99
Rose Ribbon Dress – $149.00
Embroidered Dress – $89.99

Crossroads is one of those stores that you can grab a dress, get change from $50 and you won’t be sad if it only lasts 3 washes. Fast fashion at its finest, the brand starts at size 8 and goes up to a 22, with some styles going bigger. It’s the perfect place to shop for quick party dresses, easy layering pieces and presents for your girlfriends.


Sateen 50s Dress - $59.95
Hi Lo Floral Dress – $59.95
Black and White Lace Dress – $59.95

I love when an Aussie lady starts a brand, and Jen from Seraphim has some really sweet pieces in her collections.
Lots of fun club dresses, day dresses and pieces to layer with are all on offer at Seraphim Clothing. Perfect for the plus size lady! She even caters from 16-26!


Pretty Floral Dress – $59.95
Olive Oyle Chiffon Dress – $79.95
Snakeskin Panel Dress – $59.99


Know of a brand I haven’t featured?
Do you own an Australian brand?
What is your favourite dress?

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