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If you follow my blog, follow me on social media or just stalk me in general (I’m serious, don’t do it. It’s creepy!) you will notice I have lost weight.
It isn’t something I want to brag about and I am certainly not changing the way I write about fashion. You will never log onto Closet Confessions and see me promoting a weight loss drug or some kind of procedure and I don’t plan on spilling my heart out about everything I put into my mouth.

But I will say I have been working hard, eating well and getting active.
Earlier this year the team at TS14+ sent me some active wear and I wanted to road test it. By “roadtest” I mean I wanted to REALLY use it, instead of take it out for a jog and then blog it. Instead, I have been using this set up for over 6 months to ensure I give you the best review I can possibly give!


TS14+ are an Australian label that I have blogged about extensively in the past. I love the bright colours and interesting cuts of fabric they use, and most recently they have released an Activewear branch of the brand.

TS14+ sent me an active wear ‘outfit’ from their collection and I was excited to try it on. When it arrived earlier this year, I was hesitant about the fabrics. They felt heavy and synthetic, but I could instantly tell of the quality. The seams were perfect, heavy duty and the fabric just felt right (you know what I mean?). When I pulled on the In Stride Top, the cut fell around my body and it felt great. The length was perfect for me, covering my lower back and the sleeve length was adequate for evening walks. I also found the colouring to be pleasant: black and plain at the front with a bold contrast stipe along the back. The top features reflective contrast panels which meant if I went outside at night, lights from cars would see me. I felts very much ready for the gym!


The In Stride top features a hidden pocket for your gym card and keys, but I found it a bit annoying with a key banging into your back or hip as you run on the treadmill, so mine never gets used. After 6 months, and 25kg lost, my In Stride top is a tad too big for me but it doesn’t mean I no longer use it. In fact, the top looks brand new even after being washed at least once per week. There are no flaws in the fabric even after stressful sessions at the gym. For me, that is the best news yet. The fabrics retains its shape and won’t sag or stretch after wear or wash. Perfect for a woman who doesn’t want to constantly replace her gym gear.

I am wearing the In Stride top in a Medium. If I were to re-order, I would order a XS. The In Stride top is still available at a reduced rate of $39.00.


The active wear range from TS14+ offers colour coordinated items to create a strong ensemble. You will feel fabulous as you step into the gym, I assure you!
I am wearing the In Stripe Crop Top and the In Stride Crop Pant. The colour features a soft orange that matches the In Stride Top featured before and means you can mix and match your pieces. I wear the Crop Top under my top and over the top of a sports bra for additional support. While you always need the support of a Sports Bra, I love having just a bit extra, and a crop offers this for me. While I love the print and the colour, I love the strong and very supportive fabric. It never digs in or rubs and always goes back to its original shape.

The In Stride Crop Pant is a big winner for me. The fabric is very soft against my skin and even after constant rubbing and wear after 6 months, is still in excellent condition. I am not a fan of cropped pants and actually prefer wearing either shorter shorts (above the knee) or full leggings but I have become used to this length and looseness around my knees. The fabric is thick and stretchy but never gets thin or see through. There are no issues with the fabric structure and no pilling at all even between the thighs which surprises me even more.


I am wearing the In Stride Crop Top in a Small and it fits snug and is very supportive. It is available for $29.00. I am also wearing the In Stride Crop Pant in a size Medium and could go to a size small. They are available for $49.00.

The grey jacket I am wearing is another release from TS14+’s sister brand, Virtu. This oversized jacket is the perfect weight for putting on after a sweaty workout. It is made of terry towel fabric and is the perfect jacket for my afternoon walks. It is no longer available. I am wearing in a size Medium and could wear an XS.


Have you used TS14+ active wear before?

Do you have a favourite brand for your gym outfits?

Share in the comments!

The items in this post were provided for me to use and share my experience. All opinions and views are of my own.
I was not paid to share these opinions or views with you.

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