Getting #BoPo with BeauCoo

I’m Body¬†Positive.

Are you?

We are told to love and nurture our body and yet everyday, we flip open a magazine or turn on the television and we are flooded with bodies that are made to be superior.
Slim models, perfect tans, white teeth and gorgeous hair fill my Instagram feeds. They flood my Pinterest boards. They continue post after post after FaceBook post.


Enough! Stop! Embrace who you are…NOW!

Not when you are 5kg lighter.
Not when you get a faux tan.
Not when you get out of your trackies and into a frock.
Not when you straighten your hair.
Not when you wear lippie.
Not when you take a selfie.
And especially when you’re having a “good” day.

There is a new app called BeauCoo that allows us to all celebrate the body we are in right now. I’ve been using BeauCoo for a few weeks to test it out, and to put it simply, I am in love. Somehow, I think you will love it too….


When you log into BeauCoo, the first thing you see on their website are beautiful bodies in clothes that make them happy. Mirror shots, selfies and shots of shoes. Close ups, smiles and smirks. Every single photo represents a women who is happy and embracing her body. She is feeling empowered to share her self with likeminded people, to share her new frock or jacket and share the experience of its size, quality and her opinion.

I choose to look at EVERYONE’s photographs because they represent not only me, and my body, but I love to be inspired by all shapes. I love seeing how one woman can rock a bodycon and another look amazing in a maxidress, because I take my fashion inspiration from all over the world. You can select how you want to filter your images, and can even select to view people with the same dimensions as you! Your measurements will always remain confidential so only YOU can see them!

When you find a look you like, you can save it for later and even leave a positive comment! You can ask the user about the fit and quality or just tell them they look SMOKING HOT in it: it’s a great confidence booster!


Oh hey! Who is that fine looking woman!!? That’s me and this is my Profile on BeauCoo. You can edit your Profile here, change your personal dimensions here and even see how many people follow you! Your profile also shows others your Liked Posts (I like ALOT…sorry, not sorry!!!) and Posts that you Want (Yeah…not sorry about that either!). It’s like a moodboard of looks you loved, and is a great resource if you are having a bad fashion day and need a pep up when you can’t find ANYTHING to wear in your closet!
BeauCoo also have a great blog that will get your mind in the #BoPo zone: I love reading on a Monday morning when I am NOT looking forward to a loooong day!


You can easily change your measurements on BeauCoo, which means the app and website will constantly find women with the same measurements as you. What does this mean? Well, for me it means that as I loose weight in different areas (Hellllooooo waist!) I sometimes struggle to find new pieces to show off my new shape. Using my measurements I am able to find new designers that have designs that will fit my new curves and see how women style these pieces. It is awesome!


Using my measurements, I can simply select Fit Match (located up the top in the menu bar) and it will show Everyone who uses BeauCoo who also have my measurements. You can tell someone who has your measurements by noticing the pink measuring tape logo in the top right corner of their image. This means you are looking at someone who have the same dimensions as you.
I am loving the look of bettie and that glorious caplet on the top left and the soft small floral print of vetc’s skirt and camisole combo, perfect for summer. I am honestly so inspired by all the women who use BeauCoo that every day my look changes, reflective of what I see on the site!


BeauCoo is available as an App for iPhone and Andriod and it is FREE to sign up. You can join through FaceBook or set up an account on the internet or on your mobile device.
If you don’t have access to the App, why not join the website? It is easy to navigate and fun to join in!

Are you a BeauCoo girl? What do you love about it?

Share your experience below!


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