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WHoA Legs Campaign
In the past, my Heath has been the last of my concerns.
I rarely sought to see a doctor, and it was only when I was on “deaths door” that I dragged myself out to get something done.
Prevention wasn’t something that mattered to me: I was lazy and didn’t respect my body (and it showed).In 2013, so many events have happened that have caused me to reflect on myself and the health of my body.
I am 22 (almost 23) and was most certainly overweight. I was happy, in love and there was a point on our trip to America that caused me to remember that sometime in the future, I wanted to have children. It caused me to take my health off the back burner and get it up front where it belonged.
I cannot be alone in this: it seems that women between the ages of 18-23 are in the same position as me, and our health seems to be cast aside in favour of buying new clothes, drinking and eating too many naughty treats and neglecting our mental health.
Women’s Health of Australia http://www.whoalegs.com.au have launched a survey targeting women aged between 18-23 in Australia to find out about what women or the 90s are doing in regards to their health. The WHoA! Legs campaign even offers you the chance to win a pair of totally rad leggings designed by Black Milk (who I ADORE!) and they are a limited edition…hello awesome leggings! There will only be 2000 pairs made, and to be in the chance win, you’ll be helping Australia find out about health for women your age!
With a focus on the 90s, imagine wearing a pair of retro leggings with pride! Scrunched, boom boxes….all those glorious 90s flash backs, all for sharing your opinion and experiences! What I like most is that this information will go toward giving researchers an understanding of the health and well being of young women. There is currently vital information not available from previous surveys to capture a consensus of young women between 18 and 23, and the 2013 survey aims to cover is gap. Since 1996 Women’s Health of Australia have aimed to capture an image of Aussie women, with all information going forward to improve policies and health practice in Australia.
WHoA Leg
If you are between the ages of 18-23 (like me!) it’s time to think about our health. Share this survey with your friends so that we, as young Australians, can share our story to help other young people and improve the services available to others (and yourself!) and go in the running to win an awesome pair of Black Milk leggings (retro fabulous!!) This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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  • Janna

    I have on and off tried to lose weight over the years. I had success in year 12, losing over 20 kgs. Then I met my Husband. I slowly ballooned, I had my first child and was decidedly obese. I lost some of the baby weight, but my weight was still in the triple digits!

    Last year I had my wake up call. I developed a DVT in my leg. I was terrified to realise that most of the time people don’t discover blood clots until they have a heart attack, stroke, or die. I discovered I have a mild blood disorder, and my weight is a contributing factor to me developing the clot. I looked at my beautiful child and realised I did not want to suddenly drop dead one day.

    I started exercising. Weight was slow coming off. I started seeing a dietitian. Then I fell pregnant again.

    I have not let this pregnancy be an excuse. I have kept exercising until I couldn’t any longer, I kept seeing the dietitian, so my weight gain has been healthy and minimal. I was also diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, which explains a lot about my difficulty losing weight despite not having a bad diet. I have spent the pregnancy working on my mental attitude towards food, and have been startled by the revelations.

    I feel strong. I feel like next year will be my year for getting my health n track. It is not just about losing weight anymore, It’s about being alive to watch my children grow up. To be there to see my Grandchildren.

    I am glad you are realising now what took me much longer to realise. Nothing is more valuable than our health :)

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