The Grand Canyon.


Expansive. Layers. A hardness cut by the smoothness of a flowing river.
The silence. The size. The rock that like looks like ribbons of colours.

Shadows. Untouched. Cracked and shattered through time.
Ever-changing. The heat. The sun. The clouds bring on change.

The Canyon. Deep. As far as the eye can see. Beyond what I can believe.


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A 15 hour day on a crowded bus, Jacob and I ventured to the Grand Canyon. It was something beyond what I could ever have imagined and I loved every second of it. The harsh weather continued to change. We had rain, he had sun and wind but the experience is something I will never forget. Flying over the canyon the following day, it took the impact further as I still could not see where the Canyon would begin and where it would end. An experience I will never forget.

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