Journey over the Golden Gate.

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Hiring a bike may seem like a simple, easy task. But for me, it was a breakthrough.
Sure, I can ride a bike. I can change gears, pump a tire, adjust a helmet strap. But to physically ride a bike up hill, over dirt and for almost three hours was not something I could actually do at the beginning of the year (if not ever).

So far on Closet Confessions I haven’t really spoken about my weight loss and I honestly haven’t felt the need to. You won’t read about my .5 loss or gain until I feel the need too. I’m not going to force any of my life changes through my blog or my social media until I am comfortable enough to share them, and after seeing many websites fill with weightloss nonsense, I don’t feel the need to blab about. But what I will tell you is that my life is in the direction it needs to be and that started earlier this year. I need to share this part of my life for this blog post and the story behind it to make sense.

When I met Jacob I thought I was happy with my body and to a certain point I was. I liked the way my favourite brands were making clothing that would fit me and I was now able to buy things in my style and my size. I was a size 22-24 and was in denial. When I went into a store I’d always take a 20 and a 24 into the change room and I NEVER got close to the 20. But I was happy. Jacob and I spoke over the Christmas holidays about health and what we wanted. He breifly mentioned the idea of lossing a bit of weight and in my head I got to thinking about what I wanted. I wanted, more than anything, to be happy and healthy.

In January I joined Weight Watchers and so did Jacob. We have been working as a team to get active and eating right and we are both seeing the benefits. So for, Jacob has lost over 12kg and is feeling great. He is walking and enjoying healthy lunch options. Me? Well, I had started using my gym membership and cut sugars and as many un-required carbs from my diet. In 6 months I have lost almost 25kg from healthy eating and working out and I am feeling fabulous.

Stepping onto the bike, I wasn’t entirely sure how long I would last. What if I didn’t even make it to the bridge!!? As the attendant strapped on the helmet and Jacob got on his bike, I freaked. I almost fell off the bike as I crossed the road. I started to peddle and I wobbled and freaked. People everywhere, kids running around. I swallowed my fear and got out onto the bike path. I pushed down and my thighs felt the normal push of bike riding. Then I was off.

Sure, the hills were killer. Even with a strong, hard run up I only made it so far, so I just hopped off and pushed the bike up. I was hot, sweaty, tired. I could see the bridge in the distance and I knew it wasn’t far off. I pushed on and followed Jacob. He would stop and wait for me and his smile made me keep going. When I was feeling tired, I looked up and over to the Golden Gate Bridge and I pushed on a bit further. I used the excuse of looking at the map or taking a photograph to catch my break before we pushed on and on.

When we finally rode onto the bridge and the cold, hard air hit my face, I couldn’t believe what I had achieved. Looking up at the giant red structure that loomed above, tears formed in my eyes as my mind allowed me to realise what had happened.

As we reached the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge, I turned to Jacob and told him how I felt. With a simple embrace, his warmth and his love was all I needed to refuel my energy for the ride back to Fisherman’s Wharf.

25kg ago I would have never been able to get on that bike and 25kg ago I would have never been able to ride to the Golden Gate Bridge.
If this is what I can do with 25kg off my body, imagine what I could do when I reach my ultimate goal?


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