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I’ve just finished my 2-week massive-intense summer course. Who thought educational psycology with a focus on art making could be so difficult to condense into half a month!!? It was rediculous and I really didn’t have fun. Except for having my trusty Ipad to keep me entertained with Ebay and Facebook shinanagans.

In terms of fashion, my looks of the day will be posted either tomorrow or during the week as I forgot to bring my camera with me today. We’ve moved into our new house, but the internet only came online yesterday. So tonight, I’ll be getting the computer and internet all set up so that my parents don’t get emotional and I can cross my fingers and hope that World of Warcraft might want to work after the move (I highly doubt it).

I thought I’d show a few favourite online deigns I’ve been looking at this week. I also made a stop into City Chic on Thursday night to check out the designs myself. Here are some of the collection I looked at.

City Chic Lace Puffy Sleeve top $49.95 (Available in red or black)
City Chic Bow Shoulder Cardi $69.95

The puff sleeve stop looks absolutely strange on the coat hanger. I picked it up and was like…WTH?!! But when it’s on, it sits in all the right places. I think it’s just the way the lace sits when relaxed. It looks great in black!

City Chic Chiffon Pretty Frilly Dress $129.95
City Chic Heart Flutter dress $99.95

Both of these dresses look gorgeous and so flirty. I love that most of these contrasting patterns aren’t black and white, but soft cremes and blacks. It’s  much more feminine.

City Chic Spotted Rose Broach Jacket $99.95
City Chic Sweetheart Self Stripe Honey Dress $179.95

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Many of my friends know I love a good pair of shoes, and these wedges from Tony Bianco are something I would wear EVERYWHERE.

Tony Bianco Brixton Wedge in Leopard $199.95 (Pre-Order)
Tony Bianco Ballara Wedge boot in Black $199.95

Tony Bianco Nero Wedge in Navy Chicago $149.95
Tony Bianco Firelli Wedge Sandal in Stone Chicago $169.95

I have wanted the Firelli Wedges for months. I’m just hoping some cash will come my way so I can admire them daily!

Shoes enthusiasts can rejoice!
Tony Bianco has copied the Christian Louboutin Toe Can pump and you can own it for on $179.95. Hot! The Pride pump from Tony Bianco comes in two colour combinations and it’s seriously classic glamour with a trendy edge. Totally awesome.

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