Ferris Wheels and Kisses: Day Three

When we woke on our third day in LA, it looked (to me) like the perfect day. It was overcast, there was wind and it was sun free. We decided to head to Santa Monica and check out the Santa Monica Pier. It seems that lots of other tourists had the same idea as the wharf and the rest of the streets around Pacific were also particularly full. It was also an experience or two to get down to the wharf itself; as we didn’t have a car we were leaving everything in the hands of the LA Metro buses. The night before we did a quick Google search before heading out in search of Bus 4. The 1 1/2 trip was interesting and the people on each of the buses were a sight to behold. At the end of the 4 line, the bus driver was kind enough to give us a transfer ticket onto the Big Blue Bus that took us directly to the coast; a trip we were going to walk but after taking the bus down we were certainly glad we hadn’t!

The pier itself was full of tourists, overpriced food and a themepark that was tightly packed and a bit overrated. But I suprised Jake with a ride of the Ferris Wheel. The view from on top was worth the $5 per person ride and we got a great view of the beach and the ocean. After a walk around the Pier we headed back to land to grab lunch and wander through the outdoor style mall around Santa Monica (3rd and 4th had some chain stores, interesting shops and cafes). We took the bus back up Santa Monica Blvd and stopped off at the outdoor Westfield (they had Macys, Nordstrom and Sephora) before heading back to the bus for another crowded experience. At least we got to do some more people watching!



┬áIt had been years since I’d taken a ride in a Ferris Wheel. The wind blew wildly as we waited patiently in line. Finally, we were let through and let into the pod. It was open and lacked any kind of cage. At first I was fine, until we reached the top and I looked out over the water. I gulped and gasped. Nothing to keep me in! I clenched my hand around my camera. Jacob took me into his arm and I snuggled in closer. The wind whipped at our faces and my hair flapped around us as he calmed my nerves. As we stopped around once again near the top, the love of my love turned to me and with his big, blue eyes, he told me, without a word, that I was okay. And I was, because I was with him.IMG_3448 IMG_3449 IMG_3451 IMG_3453 IMG_3460 IMG_3463 IMG_3467 IMG_3471 IMG_3473 IMG_3475 IMG_3484 IMG_3488 IMG_3490s

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