Wish List – Rock n Roll and Animal Print

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a wishlist but it’s mainly because I am saving all of my pennies for my trip to America at the end of June. Loosing weight isn’t really helping either; just the other day I bought a new pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller and today they are already feeling loose. It puts me in this awkward position of loving and needing (yes, I really do need) new clothing but not being able to justify for the price of a new top or jacket when a few weeks later it won’t fit properly. For this reason, belts and and cinching in at the waist are my go to stylings but a girl can dream…right? Here are my top pics for the current weather.

Not much of a ‘wishlist’, because I already have the 17Sundays blouse and let me tell you it is HEAVEN. Get it while its still available because it gives your look something edgy. I’ve been wearing it buttoned up with a cardigan and it gets LOTS of compliments!

Apart from that, all I can say is pick me up from the doom & gloom of winter with a splash of animal print and a heavy dose of black. Rock and roll, baby.


Sheer Shirt with Leather Trims – 17 Sundays via The Iconic – $89.99
Leopard Print Tee – Millers – $12.48 (as of publishing)
Printed Bomber Jacket – Katies – $29.98 (as of publishing)
Animal Print Shirt – Crossroads – $49.99
Boleyn Necklace – Amber Sceats – $389.00
1490 10 Eye Boots – Dr Martens – $209.00

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