While my mermaid hair is on the backburner (I’m on a teaching internship) I can still relish in my mermaid desires. These leggings from Emerald City made me smile like a little girl when I slipped into them and I have been wearing them everywhere since. I have been a fan of the Australian online store Emerald City for a few months and love seeing their gorgeous, quirky pieces on FaceBook and on their website. The QLD based store boasts fun leggings, kitch accessories and makeup from Medusa, Lime Crime and Concrete Minerals and many pieces are hand made.


I’ve been slack and I’m sorry. I’ve been so stressed and so busy that this little place on the internet that I call my own has been left, lonely and I know you have been coming and going unimpressed with my lack of posts. Can you forgive me? How can you not when I am adorned in a pair of mermaid leggings and a Pebbles bone in my hair?


I kept these leggings casual with a chambray shirt from 17 Sundays and a simple tunic tee. The leggings are super stretchy and the metallic really catches the light: don’t wear them if you’re scared of getting attention because I had people come up and ask me about them in the street. I have also been wearing them a bit more ‘fancy’….but more of that later :)


I spoke with Ian from Emerald City and I was so excited to share these leggings with you. As the man who makes all the leggings (yes, he makes every pair!) Ian expressed a strong interest in the Aussie plus size community and now offers his legging range in plus sizes. Available up to a size 3XL, they will easily fit a size 22-24 (size 3XL). They are super stretchy, and feel fantastic when on. I cannot recommend them enough!


Raw Chambray Shirt – 17 Sundays - Size 24
Mermaid Large Scale Leggings – Shop Emerald City – Size 2XL – Gifted 
Black Tee – H&M – Size 20
Boots – Target – Size 10
Necklace – Evil Twin (From clothes swap)
Sunglasses – H&M
Hair Bone – Shop Emerald City – Gifted

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  • Natalie

    I have that bone clip! I’ve had it nearly a year now and I never wear it enough, but it’s so cuuuute! I’m so close to buying a pair of these leggings, they are amazing!

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