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I’m not going to lie when I say that I like to be in control of my life. My house might be a mess, the bed may be unmade and I may, I repeat, I may have dirty dishes in the sink, but I keep my diary on task as if I have OCD.

I plan, double plan, write lists and keep myself in the know. It’s always beside me, ready for me to make notes, to mark dates. I tried keeping a digital copy but I like the tactility of writing down my errands, my workouts and my time with friends. So when the team at Personal Planner contacted me, I knew it would be of interest and I immediatly got to making myself a planner. The team at Personal Planner provided me with access to make my own planner to share my experience with Closet Confession readers.

The online software is very simple and easy to use and gives you a digital view of what the finished product will look like. I had so much fun working through, trying different options! I loved that you can use pre-made designs or you could even import your own cover image. It’s perfect as a gift, or if you just want to be able to find your planner in a sea of plain, boring covers!

Personal Planner

Meet my 2013 diary. She’s sleek and sexy, but a little but fun. She holds all of my dates, events, workout schedule and keeps my head in the right place. And the best part? I designed and chose everything to reflect my needs in a planner.

What I loved most about the Personal Planner website is that I could choose all of the covers, colour schemes and components myself. While I could have added my own cover, I loved this grungy fashion design. It caught my interest and just makes me happy; it’s kind of like my mantra, no?


When I choose a planner, it needs to have an extensive overview of the year and beyond and a really great part about Personal Planner is that you can select the pages you want at the back. You may want an address book; they can do that. You may want black pages or lines for writing notes; they can do that. For me, I got myself a 2 year calendar so that when I start planning for next year (already up to that, baby!) I won’t be writing on scraps of paper. At the very back of my planner I requested lined pages to write notes and its the perfect place to note different things that may be on my mind.


Right now, as I am working before I head of to a 13 week internship, my planner is looking pretty plain. But I love the customised section at the bottom. I decided to have my first priority as the ‘Training of the Week’ section and each day there is a dedicated box for what workout I have done, to keep me on track and to inspire the rest of my week. I also have a “To Do List” to fuel my love of lists and a plain spot that can contain just about anything. I love to keep it as my “Idea of the Week” and normally it’s something about Zumba…my latest obsession!


When I said the Personal Planner site was suited to you, I meant it. You want lines, times, blank sections, shaded lines for your daily activities? They’ll do it for you. You choose the colour of the inlay, the lines and even the ruler that comes with it. Your imput in the design even comes down to the colour of the elastic that holds the diary closed. Pretty cool, huh?

Make sure you check out Personal Planner yourself and get creative!

Now it’s your chance to get your own Personal Planner!

The team at Personal Planners have given me one lucky reader of Closet Confessions a chance to win a Personal Planner of their own! How cool is that!? The winner will be able to design their own planner, with a value of up to $45.00 and have it printed and sent to them!¬†It’s super easy to win and all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog and let me know:

How do you keep on track?

The winner will be drawn using a random generator on February 28th at 11:00pm. You must be an Australian resident to enter this contest. Please make sure you have your email address in the comment otherwise I will not be able to contact you to let you know you have won!

Note: I was sent a voucher for my own Personal Planner to experience the product and service for myself. All views expressed are my own and have not been influenced by the brand or service provider.


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  • kateonthenet

    I keep track of all my commitments with a combination of a Parisian wall calendar, great for big events, birthdays and important dates/meetings/appointments as well as a a journal where I write down my weekly schedule of uni, work shifts, internships, gym classes, work placements etc. etc. I’m usually pretty lackadaisical about it all but this year I’m all about being prepared, on time and trying to look my absolute best at all times…

    (Side note: love this blog – has inspired me to take so many fashion risks as a plus sized young woman – I’ve embraced shorts, sheer, bold prints and brightly coloured pants! And I’ve even started customizing some of my old clothes!)

    xo Katherine

  • Jackie

    I won one the other week and love it, I am going to be getting one every year from now on, oh and don’t enter me in the comp either as I have one, just wanted to say how awesome they are :)

  • Ashley

    Hi there! I’d love to win one of these! With 3 kids and 3 jobs, it’s very important for me to be organised.. Only problem is.. I’m not!! I attempt to stay on top of things by using Google calendar but its not too effective (or pretty!)

    My email address is

  • Claire Amelia

    These look fabulous!
    I’m definitely going for a browse now :)
    How do I keep track… hmmm… I’m like you in that I love to write lists, I usually find a note pad and write down what I need to do… then I usually lose it and begin the process all over again… If there isn’t paper handy I’ll write a list in my phone etc :)

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