Adventures in Palau; A visual representation


Palau; officially paradise!


As some of you know, about two weeks ago I headed to a glorious place in the middle of the ocean called Palau. It’s about 4 hours from Japan, an hour and a half from Guam and about 6-7 hours from Cairns. I’d seen it in magazines, on TV and seen my fathers photographs, but I’d never been. I mean, I wasn’t supposed to be going. The Friday before my dad was ment to leave for Cairns (On Sunday), he had to pull out from the trip because of buisness commitments. The trip was to take a group of 11 clients for a diving holiday. People were wondering why I wasn’t excited! I was stressed; mainly because this was my first large overseas trip not near Australia (I’ve taken trips to Cairns and Vanuatu before), and because no one on the trip had been there before either. To cut a week’s trip into a blog post, I figured I’d give you the details and the pictures, and make small comments when the image doesn’t tell it to you!

Total travellers: 12
Total scuba divers: 11
Total dives completed by myself: 7
Total cocktails drunk: Too many
Total teary moments: 5
Total OMG that is gorgeous moments: 500+
Total injuries to self: 3
Total embarrasing moments: 1
Total money spent: Don’t talk about that
Total amount of time spent duty free shopping: 4 hours of pure heaven.

Blue Hawaii cocktail….probably the most amazing think I have had in a long time…drank these like water!

Palau is highly influenced by Japanese tourists and the United States (Guam is USA run). Breakfast included asian and American food. Fried rice and pancakes. YUM.

We looked out over this gorgeous view for lunch every day between dives. It had gorgeous warm water, white beaches and was so relaxing!

Here I am, khaking. It’s really fun…but hard work!

This was a sea fan only 10 cm under the water! It was one of the most amazing thing I’ve seen under the water!

View from the bar!

This picture HASN’T been edited. This is seriously the colour of the water. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry!. Seriously amazing.

I took alot of pictures, but I only took a small point-and-shoot camera. I really wish I took my DSLR, but when you’re out on the water, you don’t want something like that to get damaged! I really want to go back, not just for scuba diving, but for the amazing natural aspects. The floaing islands are just amazing. I really I need to go back!!!!

Sorry for the pictures not being in order, WordPress was playing up! I wanted them online and didn’t want to do it all again, so bare with the bad organisation! When friends and clients send me pictures, I’ll try and update them here or I’ll link you to the St George Underwater Centre website. I can’t wait to see the video by our friend Mike and photos by my friend John!

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