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I’m apologizing for being a terrible blogger. But can I make an excuse? For the past 7 days I have been helping my family move our business to a bigger store. Thing is, the old retail space had been the home of St George Underwater Centre for over 53 years, and that means there is a lot of stuff and a lot of memories. We’ve been the owners of the store for the past almost 9 years, so moving, packing and all that annoying stuff is taking time. Today, we have finished moving, and all that is left is to take away a few bags of rubbish, put the BBQ in the ute and the pot plants in the car, and we can say our final goodbyes.

I’m hoping to get a few pictures of the place before we give back the keys, so I’m going to get dad to take in my camera and get some pictures. One of the reasons we have moved is because of a terrible termite issue that had walls falling down and floors sinking 6 inches below where they should have been! The new store is over 4 times bigger, which means I have more space to move and be creative with my in store displays! Everyone who has come in say it looks so different!

I will be back into a normal (it really isn’t) routine next week when I head back to university after the easter break. I hope everyone had a great easter! I’m sorry I couldn’t post! I really wanted too! I’m hoping to photograph my buys from my holiday and show pictures next week! Yell at me if I don’t!

Cait xx

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