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    I've been writing about my life and my wardrobe for 4 years. I write about my style discoveries and all the sequins and fuzzies about my life!

    I love vintage, thrifting, the arts and trying new things. I've been discovering my love of retro over the past 12 months but always throw in a curve-ball now and then.

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Introducing Bellecurve: available at Target Australia

Last week I was invited to an event in the city that was all about celebrating plus-size curves. It was an odd feeling, because most of the events or Press Releases I receive are for standard sized clothing labels. So, when Target contacted me I jumped at the chance and took myself into The Establishment [...]

Getting #BoPo with BeauCoo

I’m Body┬áPositive. #BoPo Are you? We are told to love and nurture our body and yet everyday, we flip open a magazine or turn on the television and we are flooded with bodies that are made to be superior. Slim models, perfect tans, white teeth and gorgeous hair fill my Instagram feeds. They flood my [...]

Rough it up.

Black & white. My comfort zone…yet this skirt pushes me out of my everyday and into something beyond. This is the final beautiful bandana piece that was sent to me by the ever-so-amazing Craig from Ruff n Ready. I cannot recommend Craig enough for his excellent customer service, wonderful low prices and great range. It [...]

Tie on your bandana, baby.

I’m a sucker for monochrome and red. Red is just MY colour. Red lipstick, red cars, red fizzy drinks…. I’m crazy for it. If you read this blog, you will see me in my element in black, white and grey. Throw in a punch of red and you know we are in business. These are [...]

Get active.

If you follow my blog, follow me on social media or just stalk me in general (I’m serious, don’t do it. It’s creepy!) you will notice I have lost weight. It isn’t something I want to brag about and I am certainly not changing the way I write about fashion. You will never log onto [...]